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Bridgewater NJ Roof Cleaning Services | 08807 Power Washing

Thompson Roof Cleaning & Power Washing

Serving Somerset County

Bridgewater New Jersey

Soft-Power Washing Services

Professional Roof Cleaning

(877) 420-WASH or (732) 726-9261

3125 Woodbridge Ave Edison NJ

Cleaning a Roof: Why & How

A roof is most likely the most expensive part of the home. A roof should never be power washed! The roof is infested like weeds in a sidewalk. To insure the weed permanently disappears it must either be removed from the root or destroyed with a weed killer. But roofs are much more delicate than a cement sidewalk. Moss and other growth develop a root system into the shingle. If removed forcibly it can leave scars where it was attached. Our process works by allowing our manufacturer approved roofing detergent kill and sterilize the shingle. Our detergent contains an amount of sodium hypochlorite. This is the product used to sterilize swimming water in pools. It is safe when used properly and 100% compatible to the shingle yet completely removes moss, algae, black staining and streaks from mold, lichen, mildew, allergens and other organic pollutants. If you saw a video of someone using a machine on a roof that looks like a floor buffer, please know that this process is power washing on a roof. That device is hooked to a hose that runs to a pressure washer that is not shown in the video. The pressure on any roof should not exceed the pressure of a household spigot. GAF, maker of the popular Timberline shingle, has within their website to confirm the proper cleaning solution.

Why is Soft-Washing Superior?

There is a proper detergent for each specific stain. There are organic stains like moss, mold and mildew. There are also chemical reaction stains like rust or oxidation. Would it really make sense to blast away each surface? Learn more about roof cleaning and soft-washing in our VIDEO.

Call us today and get a free estimate. Visit our home page at http://www.powerwashing-newjersey.com/. We service Bridgewater New Jersey and other surrounding Somerset County towns such as Warren, Martinsville, Far Hills, Bedminster, Basking Ridge, Greenbrook, Boundbrook, Somerset, Franklin, Hillsboro, Skillman, Somerville, Branchburg, and more.This process will not remove rust or other chemical reaction stains.

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