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Roof Cleaning Guidelines For Tampa FL 813-655-8777

Apple Roof Cleaning (813) 655-8777


blog-0170383001386308708.jpgApple Roof Cleaning Of Tampa FL 813-655-8777 believes you should know that…. Most Roofs, EVEN 10, 15, 20 + year old roofs can be SAFELY RESTORED to like NEW LOOKING condition, without unnecessary spending to replace shingles that really just need to be properly cleaned.

Yes. Your read this statement correctly…. As long as most ANY asphalt or fiberglass shingle roof in Tampa is not leaking, in other words, it is WATER TIGHT, has all of its shingles intact, is not excessively moss or algae covered and has not exceeded its normal manufacturer recommended service life and is not excessively curling or brittle, typically the roof can be saved and salvaged and brought back to useful life and a beautified appearance.

In other words, most any roof in Tampa can be safely cleaned and restored to a similar to new condition within reason and using a common sense approach and specialized non pressure cleaning tool, techniques and properly adhering to certified safe standard roof cleaning methods.

UGLY Algae Stains, Black Streaks, Moss, Mildew, Mold, Lichen and Fungus can be removed safely by Apple Roof Cleaning Of Tampa FL 813-655-8777 , with NO DAMAGING high pressures, NO scrubbing, and no aggressive cleaning needed. There are proper methods and standards and a strict set of procedures to adhere to but cleaning a roof in Tampa safely and completely and then applying an annual anti-algae type roof treatment can keep a roof looking its very best and performing in its teenage years and beyond if properly maintained.

One major key FACTOR to remember is: NON-PRESSURE or NO Pressure = NO DAMAGE to Shingles

As long as damaging high pressure washing methods are not used and soft washing standards and non abrasive cleaning methodology is employed, the outcome should be a restored roof with a youthful appearance and additional roof life.

This positive prognosis can be expected if performed early enough by Apple Roof Cleaning Of Tampa FL 813-655-8777 before the algae, moss, mildew or other plant material has a chance to cause irreversible damage which can only be resolved with a complete roofing system tear off and replacement.

As long as these guidelines are followed, Home and Commercial Property Owners in Tampa may be able to SAVE THOUSANDS, over the cost of an expensive asphalt or fiberglass roof tear off and replacement!!

Florida Roofing Industry studies have indicated that MOST roofs are replaced, according to a national poll, due in LARGE PART to the unattractive LOOK of the roof surface, NOT BECAUSE the roof is damaged or leaking.

In FACT, most homeowners in Tampa don’t know of the non pressure soft wash roof cleaning OPTION or have ever been given another choice to replacement until us at Apple Roof Cleaning Of Tampa FL started safely cleaning roofs here, nearly 20 years ago!

Now you don’t have to WASTE hard earned money to replace a roof that can be EASILY soft washed for 1/10th the cost of replacement and in a much quicker time frame with no waste to fill up overburdened land fills, plus no lengthy construction inconvenience. Soft Wash Roof Cleaning can usually be performed and completed by Apple Roof Cleaning Of Tampa FL 813-655-8777 in LESS than ONE DAY!


As you well know, your house here in Tampa is most likely your biggest investment and your roof is one of the most expensive parts of your house. It is extremely important to have the utmost in confidence in your decision before hiring a qualified roof cleaning contractor.

Certified Roof Cleaning Institute of America roof cleaning contractors like Apple Roof Cleaning Of Tampa FL 813-655-8777 only use chemicals approved by the ARMA* Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association and do not use pressure on your shingles.

Our Soft Wash Roof Cleaning chemicals provide enough cleaning power to remove all mold, mildew, and streaks…without pressure washing or heavy rinsing.

In MOST Cases, AFTER CLEANING, we guarantee your roof will LOOK very close to, if not, 100% BRAND NEW!

Pressure washing is never recommended because it will remove a large amount of the ceramic coated granules from your shingles, which will void the warranty. Even low pressure will cause granule loss and shorten the life of your shingles. If you have ever cleaned out the inside of your gutters you will notice granules in them just from the rain taking them off.

Think what any additional pressure would do to your roof. For instance, you see someone cleaning a roof with pressure and it appears they have done a good job just because the streaks and discoloration are gone, but guess what?

So is a large amount of the protective ceramic coated granules which insure your shingle’s warranty. Nobody wants to replace a prematurely failed roof due to an incompetent Tampa roof cleaning contractor, and you shouldn’t have to.

Apple Roof Cleaning Of Tampa FL 813-655-8777 offer an un conditional 1 year warranty against any streaks reappearing on your shingles.

With our exclusive Treatment and Maintenance PROGRAM your Tampa area roof will never be STAINED or streaked again.

As a property owner in Tampa, it is in your best interest to always use a “cleaning AGENT, chemical only” soft wash cleaning process for your roof.

Soft Wash Roof cleaning in Tampa is a completely different trade from pressure washing, requiring different pumps, plumbing, hoses, nozzles, valves, chemicals, caution, knowledge, experience, skill, and insurance. Certified RCIA roof cleaners have all of the necessary tools, and have learned from the best soft wash roof cleaning professionals in the country.

Make sure you know what kinds of chemicals are being applied on your property.

Do not accept “it’s biodegradable” for an answer. Even uranium is biodegradable over 50,000 years or so.

Because many “competitors” lack our roof cleaning equipment, knowledge, training, and experience, they sometimes apply a dangerously strong chemical solution. Sodium Hydroxide and Potassium Hydroxide will dissolve the asphalt and tar on your roof, shortening the life of your shingles and voiding the roof’s warranty. Even sodium metasilicate is too corrosive.

Our chemicals do all of the work to remove streaks and discoloration from your roof and require no pressure or heavy rinsing. Because we do not have to rinse, your roof will stay cleaner longer than our competitors. Leaving the soft wash chemicals on the roof in Tampa creates a roof treatment or a hostile environment for future algae growth. Each time it rains, a small amount of soft wash chemical is washed off to help re-clean your roof over and over again.

Are you concerned about your plants, pets, and landscaping? Don’t be. We have two decades of soft wash roof cleaning experience and can gladly provide references, if needed.

We only spray the roof, not your plants. We always bag the ends of your downspouts; collect all the chemical run-off from the roof and dispose of them away from your landscaping.

If the roof does not have gutters we will thoroughly dilute the roof cleaning chemical down to safe levels by spraying the landscaping with water before, during, and after applying chemical.

After the soft wash chemical biodegrades and evaporates from the roof, the dried crystals and surfactant act as a roof treatment to keep the roof cleaner longer as it rains.

Apple Roof Cleaning Of Tampa FL 813-655-8777 have had to go behind many competitors who pressure wash or rinse their customer’s roofs, which start growing mold and streaks after only 1 year. Our average non pressure soft wash roof cleaning remains streak free guaranteed on typical asphalt shingle roofs for a minimum of 1 year, but we typically see at least 3 – 6 years between cleanings. We guarantee our soft wash roof cleaning will outlast our competitors! On average the price of cleaning your roof vs. replacing it, averages 1/10 the cost!

Go to these manufacturers websites to get the truth about cleaning asphalt shingles properly

ARMA Technical bulletin – http://www.asphaltroofing.org/pdf/tb_217.pdf

GAF Technical bulletin – http://www.gaf.com/Content/Documents/111115.pdf

Apple Roof Cleaning Of Tampa FL 813-655-8777 is fully Certified by the RCIA


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