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Non-Pressure Tile Roof Cleaning Tampa FL

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Non-Pressure Tile Roof Cleaning: The Safe Alternative to the Pressure Washer

There’s nothing good about a pressure washer being used to clean a tile roof. The brute force of thousands of psi of water shooting out from the end of a surface cleaner, whisking away dirt, debris and discoloration seems efficient, quick and ideal.

But it really isn’t a good or a safe way to clean a tile roof in Tampa.

While the pressure washer is blowing dirt and debris away, it’s also often damaging the tile roof that it’s actually cleaning.

Besides scattering the still living plant growing on your tile roof, all over the rest of your property!

Not only is pressure washing not effective when compared to non-pressure tile roof cleaning, it also isn’t safe. Traditional pressure washing relies on force rather than treatment, pushing away the offending mold, algae and dirt on a tile roof, only to have it come back again quickly. In addition to that, it’s incapable of getting into the nooks and crannies of a flat or barrel tile roof, which means even when the tile roof looks clean from the ground, if you climb up there, you’ll still see algae, mold and other grime stuck in between and along the edges of tiles, and around the gutters of your home. As if to add insult to injury, you not only still have a dirty tile roof, you also have a damaged one. The force of the pressure washer causes invisible-to-the-eye harm that can take years off of the lifespan of your tile roof. So despite your good intentions of having your flat or barrel tile roof washed to keep your investment in pristine condition for as long as possible, you’ve actually done more harm than good.

Conversely, non-pressure tile roof cleaning treats and cleans the entire surface of your roof, including every single crack and crevice. Utilizing a cleaning and protective detergent solution rather than high-pressure water, non-pressure tile roof cleaning dissolves dirt and grime without harming the tile rooof it’s living on. In addition, this detergent leaves behind a protective coating that prevents dirt and grime from accumulating on your roofing tiles, in the first place. Essentially, non-pressure tile roof cleaning leaves your roof in pristine condition and keeps it that way for 3 to 5 times longer than traditional pressure washing methods.

Here is a tile roof we recently cleaned off of Bruce B Downs in Hunters Green.

This customer went on Angies List last year, and found a pressure washer with an A+ Rating, LOL

She found out the hard way that window cleaning, not pressure washing, was this companies main business.

This Tampa Pressure Washing Company proudly displayed the Angies List Super Service Award, yet neglected to mention it was won not by pressure washing roofs in Tampa, but by cleaning windows!

The pressure washing of her tile roof lasted less then one year, because of how rainy it was the last year here in Tampa!

Look at the before and after pictures, see how dirty it got, in less then one year!

Plus, she had many broken tiles she was forced to replace, when this Tampa Pressure Washing Company refused to file a claim with their insurance.

Don't let this happen to your tile roof!

Call us at 813-655-8777 for a free estimate


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