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Slate Roof Cleaning Long Island - 516-804-0447- Dirty-Roof.com

Dirty-roof.com was contacted for slate roof cleaning long island at this large home on the north shore of long island. The slate on this house was of nice quality Vermont slate but it was starting to become overcome with algae moss and lichen due to trees covering parts of the home.

This home was broken up into many different sections and roof lines with brand new landscaping all around (The landscaping work cost more than most homes) but was no problem for the experience and knowledge of Dirty-Roof.com. Although we clean any type of roofing we specialize in the finer materials roofing materials such as slate roof cleaning and cedar roof cleaning. We also specialize in the more difficult jobs and the larger homes.

After pictures to follow this week!

Call us TODAY! for a free roof cleaning estimate 516-804-0447


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Wow, what a nice slate roof cleaning in long island you did!

I can see that this home was broken up into many different sections and roof lines with brand new landscaping all around, so you had to be very very careful, and work slowly when cleaning this slate roof, to protect the plants!

Long Island New York confuses me, because it has 2 counties (nassau and suffolk) on it ?

I Imagine there are quite a few expensive homes up there, with slate roofs ?

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