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Chuck Bergman Florida Certified Roof Cleaning. Pressure Washing. Charlotte & S. Sarasota County, Fl


I have been licensed and insured in Charlotte and Sarasota County since 1989.

We have been a father and son business, since 1994.

You will not get any new guys in training with us!

Below is a 2 minute video where you can watch a large portion of this

blackened tile roof come clean before your eyes, with us using the

Roofing Manufacturers specified Cleaning Method. This Non-Pressure method is the only method suggested by the largest roof cleaning organization in the world, the RCIA.


I am a "CERTIFIED" Roof Cleaner and Instructor at the Roof Cleaning Institute Of America.


See some of our Before / During / & / After work here-


BBB News Report Video, shows ratings can be bought at BBB. I DON'T PAY TO BELONG TO THE BBB, SO MY A+ IS REAL!


Most homeowners are unaware, that the roofing manufacturers specify

exact cleaning methods and chemicals, that may be used on their

products, without voiding their warranties.They all say "DO NOT PRESSURE


Left uncleaned, or blasted clean with a pressure washer, a roofs life

expectancy can be reduced by over 50% leading roof replacement as the

only option.

To read quotes from a number of roofing manufacturers and have the

ability to actually click on the roofing manufacturers links and read

those same words on their websites and technical bulletins, please visit

my website and click on "Manufacturer Specifics" {It's on the blue line

toward the right}


941-698-1959 -Cape Haze, Rotonda, Port Charlotte

941-474-8883 -Englewood, Venice


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