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Roof Cleaning Service in Comstock Park, MI

Kleen Roofs


Comstock Park Michigan is home to over 4500 homes. A majority of which suffer from having a dirty roof! If you are reading this, you may have black streaks, moss or lichen eating away at your roof. We are here to help you. Kleen Roofs is a local company that

operates out of Grand Rapids, MI and is certified in non-pressure soft wash cleaning. The process we use to clean roofs is safe for the shingles. Rather than using a power washer, which can cause damage to the shingle, we use our soft wash system to apply a solution to the roof that attacks the bacteria, moss and lichen at their roots causing the invasive species to die and release their hold on the roof. Your roof will look like new again!

Contact us today to book an appointment for your roof cleaning.



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