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Roof Cleaners Tampa FL

blog-0259102001377899837.jpgWe had a customer in Tampa call us last week 8-23-2013, and ask us if all we clean is big expensive homes, with tile roofs!

She was looking for non pressure roof cleaners in the Tampa FL area, who would be willing to clean her home in Carrollwood, that has a shingle (not tile) roof.

Her mother lives in the Reserve at Tampa Palms, and she told us that we are well known as the best roof cleaners, by her Mother, and all her Mothers wealthy friends.

I got quite a good hearted chuckle out of all this, and I explained to her that we will clean any roof, shingle, metal, or tile, no matter how big or how small the house might be.

And I assured her that every job we do is important to us.

In fact, I let her Google Map my home, to show her that I do not live in a million dollar house, with a huge tile roof.

Though we feel we are by far the busiest and the best roof cleaners in Tampa, the business we are in just does not financially allow us to live in the Reserve at Tampa Palms, Cheval, or Avila either!

But I love what I do, and I meet a lot of really nice people cleaning their shingle and tile roofs.

In fact, this lady works for the Tampa Bay Rays, and she is getting us 4 tickets to go see them for free, so being a roof cleaner who does a great job has it's benefits!

This job came out really nice. You can see she is nearly right underneath trees, and the shade from the trees, combined with the heat and humidity here in Tampa, make an ideal place for the mold, mildew, and algae to grow on her roof.



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