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From: Cedar Roof Cleaning Serving The Greater Midwest


Sullivan Roof Cleaning, Inc. is location in the Des Moines, Iowa area. We also service the greater Midwest i.e. IA, NE, MI, ID, OH, IL, MN, MO, WI, KS. We have a network of cedar cleaners throughout the Midwest that have been personally trained in the cedar roof cleaning process. Each network member meets the high standards of service and professionalism. Sullivan Roof Cleaning themselves clean about 100 to 150 cedar shakes roofs a season. There is a difference between someone that cleans cedar and cedar cleaners. We are cedar cleaners. Our service focuses solely on roof cleaning, though we have cleaned the house or a deck at the roof cleaning customers request but only if they are a roof cleaning customer. Over the years we have focused on roof cleaning and cedar roof cleaning being our specialty. We have developed our own cleaning solution, our own cleaning process, etc. for more details of our service go to www.cedarroofclean.com watch the videos, visit the photos and the customer reviews. As a cedar roof cleaning contractor and service provider we have seen way to many cedar shakes home owners replace their cedar roof prematurely. Just because it looks bad doesn't mean it is bad! Most home owners were never told that cedar shakes have to be maintained. It is akin to having your teeth cleaned. Your teeth are organic and need to be maintained to reach their full life span. Cedar shakes are organic also and need to be maintained in order to reach their full life span. It makes common sense when you think about it. With todays cedar roofs, the underlining or what we call roof felt is the water barrier and the shakes protect the felt. As long as you keep the shakes healthy the felt will stay healthy. It is the algae, moss, mold, mildew, lichen and fungi e.g. white & brown rot fungi that cause the deterioration. Cedar on it's own will not decay. It is through these infestations, combined with moisture that causes the cedar shakes to deteriorate. Remove these infestations and you stop further deterioration. A good and proper cedar roof cleaning should last about 6 to 8 years subjectively. The good part is in most cases for less than 5% of the replacement cost you can have your cedar roof cleaned. Before you consider having your cedar roof replaced consider first the option of having it cleaned. Though we or our network members will not clean a cedar roof that is in need of major repair or replacement! Unlike a roofer who wants to replace your cedar roof, we want your cedar roof to last many more years, that's our service and besides we want to come back in 6 to 8 years and clean it again. So yes we have an ulterior motive to want to clean your cedar roof. So contact us today about having your cedar roof cleaned and extending it's life span.


Source: Cedar Roof Cleaning Serving The Greater Midwest


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