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Roof Cleaning for Chatham 877-420-WASH | New Jersey Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning Chatham NJ

Please never let anyone pressure wash your roof. Companies will court you with a low pressure wash. A low pressure roof wash is fine, just make sure there are no devices being used on your roof that are connected to a high pressure washer. Ask your roof manufacturer what they recommend to clean roof stains.

Roof stains like black streaks, moss, lichens and mold cannot be destroyed by using water alone. You must sterilize the surface completely in order to insure the roof stays clean for an extended period of time. You wouldn't clean your kitchen or bathroom with just water would you? These areas harbor moisture and mold just like a roof. Clorox Clean Up with bleach is a safe and effective sterilizing tool. This is why bleach is great disinfectant to use on you roof also.

Roof Moss Removal Chatham

Moss develops a root system just like a plant. It may not be wise to forcefully remove the moss for the granules of the roof will come off with it. When treating a roof for moss, we apply the treatment then let mother nature take over. The moss will die, decompose, then wash away little by little with each rain.

See more about roof cleaning in Chatham NJ by visiting our web page at Chatham Roof Cleaning or visit our Chatham NJ Roof Cleaning Video. We serve all of Morris County NJ.


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