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Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda Pressure Washing Facts

blog-0306193001372450511.jpgPort Charlotte took a heavy hit from Hurricane Charlie when it slammed through our area in 2004.

many of the roofs in Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda Florida were replaced back then.

It's been 9 years now and most of those new roofs are now covered in black algae. New shingled roofs come with a zinc or copper particle [powder] on them, that slowly leaches itself out and stops algae from infesting the roofing. That usually lasts about 7 years and then you will see the black algae [gray at first] start infesting your roof and eating away at the limestone filler in the shingles.

Tile comes with no anti fungal properties, it relies on it's glazing, to let water run off and not soak into the tile, creating a perfect environment for algae infestation. On shingles, we are talking about algae DAMAGE. On tile it's just ugly and can that wet black living algae [plant] will increase your AC costs, on tile and shingle.

I have been cleaning roofs here in Charlotte county Florida, as well as Sarasota County, since 1989.

I used to pressure wash them all-that's all anyone knew how to do!

Then, the shingle roofing manufacturers got tired of paying for premature roof failure, due to pressure washing machines removing the granules, that protect and color your shingled roof, so they came up with a totally non destructive manner of cleaning their products. It's called Non-Pressure Cleaning [ Other terms are chemically cleaning, No-Pressure Cleaning and Soft-Washing}

This was and is the answer! No more premature roofing failure due to blasting the granules off the roofs! I got on board and now clean all roofs with their method.

I will talk more about tile in a minute, but here is where you can read what these roofing manufacturers say to do. You will note that each one says "DO NOT PRESSURE WASH"


Tile roofing manufacturers never had to deal with premature roof failure, due to pressure washing damage. Therefore, they are still in the dark ages, as to cleaning and have never cared to suggest the same Soft Wash method for their tile. Nevertheless, I clean tile in the same exact manner-gently, with Non-Pressure Cleaning!

Back when I pressure Cleaned Tile, I did notice that the pressure removed the glazing on the tile and if I was following another pressure washing job done a couple of years before that, they had removed the glazing and I was now removing some of the slurry coating. The slurry coating is basically the factory paint job on the outside of the tile. Pressure washing can start turning your colored tile into a pale image of it's once new color. It can make a red tile look pinkish eventually.

Common sense says that if roofing can be cleaned, without blasting it with a pressure washer, why not use that common sense and do a gentle cleaning. Another thing I have noted, is that a gentle chemical cleaning job generally lasts 4 years, before it needs cleaning again. Pressure washed roofs generally need cleaning every 2 years.

So, those are some facts for you, to help you make a sensible decision on how to have your Charlotte County Fl or Sarasota County Florida roof cleaned.

So, what about pressure cleaning?

It's just the ticket for surfaces you can stay a long distance from, like houses, aluminum trim, pool cages, decks and docks. It's also great when you want to really use it's up close blasting power, on a driveway of parking lot. In fact, that is also where a surface cleaning machine comes in handy { I own 2 of them-it's the yellow machine in one of the pictures.

Some pressure washing companies are using these powerful cutting jet machines to clean roofs!!!

Amazing to me! Some people will do anything to make money, with no care for the damage they inflict! To make it sound OK, some say they are using it for shampooing your roof! Ya Right!

Here are some videos I made to show you how roofing should be cleaned. There is also one of a Cement Surface cleaning machine with us cleaning a driveway.

And lastly a video about my business.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope the information will help you to not damage your roof, just to get the black algae cleaned off!

Video of me cleaning a shingled roof:

Video of my sons cleaning a tile roof: http://www.tubechop.com/watch/474113

Video of a surface cleaning machine-This is not a shampoo! It makes a pressure washing machine be it's blasting strongest! It does not belong on a roof!!!

Chuck Bergman Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing 941-698-1959

Better Business Bureau A+ rated since 1989: http://www.bbb.org/west-florida/business-reviews/pressure-washing-companies/chuck-bergman-in-port-charlotte-fl-90024694

Video about my business:



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