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Middletown Roof Cleaning | Power Washing New Jersey | 07748

blog-0354863001388287228.jpgGet a free roof cleaning quote in Middletown NJ by calling (732) 726-9261. As a certified roof cleaner in the state of New Jersey, we pledge never to use high pressure or any type of aggressive mean to clean a roof. Water pressure does nothing to kill the mold and algae spores that create roof stains.

Pressure washing can create a "perception" of clean, but it does not kill the mold or algae spores. Pressure washing leaves many spores behind at a microscopic level that cannot be seen with the naked eye. If you do not sterilize the roof completely you will find yourself doing the same job every 1-2 years.

Roof Cleaning in Middletown NJ

Check out our Middletown roof cleaning video or visit out Middletown NJ power washing page.

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Ed, is Middletown in Bergen or Monmouth County New Jersey ?

I see you do a lot of roof cleaning and power washing up there, so I thought I would ask.

Our Coach Schiano came to us from Rutgers, and I think that College is in Middletown ?

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