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Clean my roof Marne, MI

Kleen Roofs


We recently cleaned this roof in Marne,MI. Marne is a great community located west of Grand Rapids, with many farms and open land.

The owner of this home did not like the way the black streaks on his roof were making his home look. He contacted Kleen Roofs & Exteriors for a quote, and after talking with us signed up for a cleaning. With our non-pressure, soft wash system not only did we not have any problem cleaning his dirty roof, it was all cleaned without using a pressure washer. When we were done, all the algae was killed and removed from his roof, and there is no worry about it returning for years.

When you hire Kleen Roofs & Exteriors for your roof or exterior cleaning needs, you can rest assured you are getting a local company. that cares about the service it provides, and will perform a professional job for you, and care for your property. We are a husband and wife team that takes care of every job. We do not send out employees that may not care as much about your home as we do.

Nothing is more satisfying than providing the best service to our customers, and hearing how pleased they are with the roof cleaning or house washing we performed.

If you would like to contact us, you can reach us at: 616-914-9064

or visit our website at: kleenroofs.com and fill out the contact form, and we will get in touch with you.


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