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Simple SEO For Roof Cleaners!

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W/O getting all esoteric and complicated, the BEST and EASIEST SEO advice I can give my fellow roof cleaners is this - Get the hell off of Facebook, and onto every forum that has anything to do with the words ROOF & CLEANING in it. So, when you go to the PWRA Forum for instance, "hang out" and concentrate your posts in the Roof Cleaning Section of that forum mostly. Be absolutely sure and have a forum signature, with a clickable link to your website in it, as well as links to your Google+Page, and Facebook business page. RESIST the temptation to have too MANY links in your forum signatures. Less is actually more, so no more then 3 forum signature links guys, ok ? Try to mostly post in only the OPEN parts of these forums. Here are some good forums, that will help your overall SEO, if you have followed my advice. PWI, The Grime Scene, Cleaning Talk, PT State, are just some that come to mind. Jenkins Slate Roofing Forum is a little known absolute SEO Monster! Don Phelps Roof Cleaning Forums is an other good one, and of course BOTH of the RCIA Forums are just about the best place to have those all important Backlinks coming from.

With all the Google Algorithm updates of the past 2 years, Google has become very "fussy" about giving you credit for Backlinks. They now demand RELEVANT backlinks, so think about this ? What could possibly be better then an entire forum dedicated to one thing, and one thing only - The Cleaning Of Roofs!

So, with a properly filled out forum signature on any forum related to what we do, every time you post, you have an excellent chance of Google awarding your company a killer backlink, that will have your competitors scratching their heads, and cussing out loud

Do this search "roof cleaning Tampa" or roof cleaning tampa florida guys. We only "OWN" most of that page Everyone of my webpages have a "secret", and I have just given some of it to all of you.

Facebook "sucks" for SEO because nearly all of these cleaning groups are CLOSED, so we can all talk shop, w/o all our Facebook Friends seeing it. Being closed means Google is also unable to see (or give us any credit) for our posts Not so on the open parts of Roof Cleaning related Forums.

It takes Google a few months to fully "digest" your website backlink profile, and give you credit for what you are hopefully about to do. Any Questions ?

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