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Lichen, Lichen, Lichen.....big Ole' lichen!!!!

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Not really a roof, but I know we all deal with lichen from time to time attaching to both shingles and metal roofs. Had a fuel distributor call to have their tank cleaned.  It had a serious lichen infestation.   We softwashed this project from the ground using a 20% mixture, then rinsed  from a lift. 


Everyone was very happy with the results. 


To see more projects, visit our "Gallery of Clean" at http://www.spray-wash.com


BTW, we let the sauce dwell on the tank overnight!!!! Made rinsing the lichen much easier after soaking on SH for 10 hours!




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Every day my admiration for your business grows. Spray Wash does exterior cleaning of roofs, vinyl fences, community gates, gas station canopies, siding, higher education, fueling tanks, class "a"commericial office buildings, correction centers and health care facilities. Where does it end?


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Hank...it ends when either I run out of stuff to clean or I finally fall out of the lift!

LOL, run out of stuff to clean in Tallahassee Florida ? I think not! 

The mold mildew and algae up there is just as bad as it is in this part of Florida!

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