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Roof Cleaning Virginia

New offering, new marketing campaign - already working!

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We've specialized in roofs from day one, but have offered house washes as an up-sell over the years.  This year, we're all in for house washing too, and our marketing campaign is in it's infancy stages.  (I'm putting it in place over the winter).  TheHouseWashingCompany.com is just part of it  ;-)


Looks like it's working already as we just closed a 15 house deal OVER THE PHONE in about 5 minutes!  COI is already in their hands (Thank you Patti at Joe Walters for being lightning fast!) Now we wait for the work date(s) to be coordinated with the home owners.


To top it off, we're closing 1-3 roof cleanings a day, in January!!!


It was around 2008 that I discovered this forum (same as my buddy Hank recently mentioned in a different thread).  I took the leap of faith in 2010 and we've never looked back.  In hindsight, I don't think that I've ever publicly thanked you Chris Tucker.  You helped us get off to a great start, and now we own our local market.


Thank you Chris.

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