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Central Iowa Roof Cleaning

Cedar Roof Cleaning Clive, Iowa

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7000 SF is a lot of cedar! How many man hours Bruce?

This one took us two full days about 17 hours working time. Had a lot of tannin. Couldn't get pictures of the back because of all the trees which was a lot more roof than the front.

It was 6,740 sq. ft. I rounded it up.

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OK, I give up, where is the cedar roof cleaning you guys did in Clive, Iowa at ? Is that near Des Moines ?

Clive it a bedroom community of Des Moines. There are 7 different comminutes like that. It is somewhat of a gated community called the Woodlands. A lot of high end homes.

I have been working that area for the last 4 years and done a number of cedar roofs, 95% cedar roofs.

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