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Aro non-metallic 1" aodd pump for sale

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I have my 1" ARO pump up for sale. I have purchased a very similiar pump made of Hastelloy, a corroison resistent material, and I no longer need this pump.

The pump is approx. 18 months old, still has over 3 years left on warranty, and runs and pumps perfectly. Usuing a 18.5 cfm compressor, 3/4" hose and a stainless custom nozzle, I have exceeded 70' in distance. Pump is rated @ 36gpm, can be throttled down to a trickle and can be run dry without damage. ARO (Ingersol Rand) has the newest and best technology for never stalling. Pump is equipped with Sanphorine diaphrams (sp) and muffler. 1/2" air in take. In & out manifolds are NPT type.


Pump is for sale for $375.00  obo

contact garyw @ 502-773-1730

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