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The Pressure Washing Resource (PWRA) Forum And Organization

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It has always been  my position that the more forums you join and belong to, the better your chances are of learning things to help you in the cleaning business.

The PWRA is run by my old friend Thad Eckoff, and is a literal wealth of helpful information for those in the roof and exterior cleaning business.

I suggest all RCIA Members check them out. They have a lot to offer


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 Here is the direct link to the PWRA Forum http://pressurewashingresource.com/

Not only will joining this forum give you a lot of learning opportunities and benefits, but it will also help your website rank higher in local searches.

It is also Tax Deductable as a business expense, and they have conventions too, where you can go to meet people.

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Not very good website, i just asked members to recommend me top rated pressure washer, but administrator banned me with reason "Spammer!" -_- 

Sorry you had that experience. It is my understanding there have been some changes there since I posted what I did in this thread.


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