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Roof Snot - Chlorine Stable Roof Cleaning Surfactant

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Roof Snot

Need extra cling for your roof cleaning mix?

Want a chlorine stable surfactant that won't degrade the strength of your mix?

Roof Snot adds a copious foaming action to your roof cleaning mix that will keep the chemical where you need it. Roof Snot decreases run off even on the steepest roof surfaces, allowing the necessary dwell time for the sodium hypochlorite to work on the pesky roof algae. 

Roof Snot will not degrade the strength of your roof cleaning solution, even after days, so larger batches can be mixed ahead of time without affecting the effectiveness of your mix.

Roof Snot is easily pourable and readily blends in to your solution without leaving a residue in your tank. 

Roof Snot is non-hazardous, and ships via UPS in gallons and 5 gallon pails, and is available in freight shippable drums for extra economy.

Dilution rate is 1 quart per 50 gallons of roof cleaning mix.

Roof Snot is THE choice of professional roof cleaning contractors across the country for controlling run off and maximizing dwell time on ugly black roof stains.

Try some Roof Snot TODAY!  


How to order Roof Snot:

Call 888-243-6506

Order online: Roof Snot


1 Gallon Roof Snot - $14.85

5 Gallon Roof Snot - $71.50

55 Gallon Roof Snot - $595.00

Plus shipping.

KY residents add 6% sales tax.


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Wash your vehicles with it. You won't believe the wonderful results. Looks like you just waxed them.

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