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You could speed up your fill time by bypassing the ro filter and just using di. My home water is right under 300 tds and straight di cost around 27 cents a gallon to create pure water. I can run this full blast into my 100 gallon tank and fill it in around 15 min. Running ro/di takes the cost to around 7 cents per gallon but fill time is much longer. 


As as far as roof cleaning and rincing I see 0 advantage of pure water over tap. 

very true.  With RO my DI filter lasts a very long time.   

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If I recall, the filter tanks used to provide DI water are recharged with caustic soda which is an acid. The tanks produce only so much DI water and have to be recharged. It takes sometime to produce RO water and usually stored in a holding tank. Years ago I worked for All Florida Water in Pompano Fla., that catered to all the car dealerships up and down the east and west coast of Fla. They would exchange the tanks and service the pressure washers at all the dealerships. My father retired from Culligan Water Conditioning and could provide me with any additional info if needed on this topic. Simple Cherry seems to work best for me for spot free needs.

That is because Simple Cherry contains a water softener in it. Sodium Tri Poly Phosphate

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