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Kleen Roofs

Metal Roof cleaning in Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Metal roofs have long been used on barns and pole buildings, and now are gaining in popularity for roofing on houses. Metal roofs will stay clean for a long time, but like any surface that is subject to the effects of the outdoor environment with all it's pollutants and dirt, they will become dirty. To safely clean a metal roof requires special equipment and knowledge of cleaning compounds. Most professionals in the metal roof industry recommend that a pressure washer not be used to clean these roofs. The reason being that with pressure it is possible to blow water up under the standing seam, if this is the system that was used to install the panels. Or if the through fastened system was used, water can be blown under the seal of the screw heads. We at Kleen Roofs & Exteriors have the experience in cleaning metal roofs safely. If your metal roof is not looking as good as it did when it was installed, give us a call.

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