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Mike Malyakas

Metering valves . Yes or no

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Yes they work but you can buy the cheap ones or the really high end ones. The high-end ones will last longer and they are very nice however you can buy the cheap ones and replace them 5 times for the cost of a nice one. Here is a link and these are the ones we use.



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I tried these metering valves last winter in my garage and did not have much luck with them. I had a check valves on the pentair metering valves but keep loosing prime and would have to open up valve every time to get prime back in each line. I put a ball valve in the pick up line in the tank and that helped but then I could not turn down SH for house wash. The pump would not pull the SH when turned down for house wash. I was using 12v pump but the spray equipment was previously set up for air pump with 3/4 inch lines, which may have been the problem. Seemed to work good for the surfactant.

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