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5 Facts that You Need to Know About Adding Solar Panels to Your House - Roofer’s Perspective

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 Did you know that our planet receives enough energy from the sun that it can power the whole world? Imagine how much energy that is. Solar can replace all the energy that the world uses today. It is no wonder then that more and more people want to take advantage of this valuable natural resource, and many already are. Due to this new trend in roofing and, following the supply and demand principle of the market, roofers and roofing companies are starting to include solar roofing to their service offerings. Solar roofing involves installing a solar or photovoltaic panel system on the roof, and adding it to your services could significantly benefit you. However, it does require somewhat different expertise, and it involves certain challenges and changes to your business, so before you get into it get informed on some of the most important ones explained below. Certifications and Licensing First things first, it is important to obtain proper licensing and certificates for solar photovoltaic contractors. These regulations may be different in different areas, but generally, they are here to protect the customer from improper installations and unsafe practices. Solar is usually classified as a specialty under the general electrician or plumbing area, therefore a licensed general electrician can usually perform solar contracting jobs. Make sure always to check your local rules and regulations, since they may vary. While certificates are not obligatory, licenses are. Every contractor and contracting company must be properly licensed. When it comes to certificates, they are additional confirmations of your certain set of skills that focus on something specific or a more narrow area of expertise. It is always a welcome addition and proof of knowledge. Education and Training If you do not have the needed knowledge or experience as an electrical installer, then a smart thing to do is to acquire some additional education and training. There are many courses of different duration, from full-time to intensive, which you can attend or offer to your employees and roofing professionals. Attending some workshops and specific training for solar system installations can greatly benefit your business, improve your employees’ skills, and eventually attract more clients. Financial Aspect of Expanding Your Business Like in any other business, sufficient funds should be at hand if you are a roofer who wants to expand your business towards solar installations. However, keep in mind that solar panels command more investment since the market prices are still very high. The cost that you will include in your budget might involve the cost of registration and the license, the cost of equipment and materials and finances towards marketing and advertising. An important factor in securing your new solar business would be to familiarize yourself with the tax incentives available in your area. By making use of these incentives, solar panels become more cost effective for your prospective clients. Material Source By establishing a good relationship with a wholesale supplier and identifying yourself as a contractor might help you to get deals on materials. For solar installation, specific equipment is required; some of the equipment you might already have from your roofing business. If you already have a large truck or van which you use in your roofing business, it will come in handy during the transportation of solar panels and equipment. This is one large cost that can be avoided. Making sure you have the right tools for a solar electric installation is however very important for a successful solar business and cutting corners in this area will not benefit you. Other Challenges (Logistical, Personnel, Mental Shift) Expanding your roofing business towards solar power installations can be challenging. Solar technology is frequently changing which means you will have to keep up to date with the latest trends. The prices in the market of solar power can also vary depending on which area you are, and this can make a contractor uncertain of pricing. What might add to the stressful adaptation are the high demand in capital and the registration and certification processes. For you to be seen as a professional solar installation business, you and your team will need to undergo adequate training. Even though training might seem like a time-consuming process and extra expense, one should take this opportunity to learn something new that will for sure improve your business shortly. As solar power might still seem foreign in some areas, the need to build consumer awareness about the product might be significant. As marketing, your business and its new service will become part of your sales strategy, consumer awareness about solar technology will have to be kept in mind as well. If you are already running a successful roofing business or one that is at least providing you and your workers a steady income each month, then there is no need to rush things. Consider your new solar expansion as an upgraded service you have to offer your clients. Your business, together with his name does not have to change drastically overnight. Allow transition to happen casually as you deliver a professional solar installation service one house at a time. As the solar technology grows in its field without a doubt, so will your business.

Author: Mattea Jacobs Short bio: Mattea Jacobs is a freelance writer who mostly writes about both interior and exterior home design, and environmentally-friendly ways to improve homes. She is also a green activist and a mother of tw

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