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8 minutes ago, ARMADILLO ROOF CLEANING said:

Anyone  ever hear of wysi wash system? Its made to clean dog  kennels and other things.

I just checked it out at http://www.wysiwash.com/

It appears to be a disinfectant, not an immediate results cleaner. It MIGHT work if you sprayed it on a roof, and waited for the rain to remove the roof discoloration

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17 hours ago, ARMADILLO ROOF CLEANING said:

The cost is low. Might have to buy  one to  check it out.

Well, by all means do so! 

Then let us all know what happens. It has Calcium Hypochlorite in it, we call that powered pool shock or powdered chlorine.  It can clean a roof, however it leaves a white scale over everything sometimes that is a bitch to remove. 

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Everyone needs to read this

Will this remove stains and whiten surfaces?
The Wysiwash Sanitizer will remove many stains and whiten most surfaces, especially after spraying a particular surface a few times. It is not going to "bleach" stains and surfaces in the fashion of liquid bleach. It is a milder solution than most liquid bleach mixtures, but it is an exponentially more effective sanitizer than liquid bleach. It is difficult for many people to understand how a substance that is milder than bleach can be up to 120 times more effective than liquid bleach. The answer lies in chemistry! Bleach relies on lye to maintain chlorine’s efficacy, which is why it is so harsh. Wysiwash meters out the exact amount of water to chlorine ratio necessary to disinfect. Because Wysiwash is mixed on the spot, it does not require dangerous chemicals to stabilize the chlorine. This creates the eco-friendly, safe sanitizing solution that is Wysiwash. Visit our Technical Information page for more information.
And, also read this

How to Use Wysiwash to Remove and Prevent Mold

1. Assess how bad your mold problem is. Wysiwash will deliver the quickest results on a milder cases of mold. If your mold/algae problem is mild, Wysiwash alone will effectively eliminate the problem after continued use.

For thicker mold, first apply bleach, yes, regular household bleach, to burn through the mold/algae. After allowing the bleach to set for 10 minutes, use Wysiwash to rinse it off.


2. No matter how severe or mild your case of mold is use Wysiwash daily to start out with. Once the mold problem is gone, you can cut back to applying every other day.


3. Experiment with how often you need to apply it. Some climates are more susceptible to mold than others. Most of customers find a sweet spot of applying Wysiwash from once a week to every other day. See what works for you.


If you ever want to troubleshoot or have questions about specific applications, please feel free to call us at (866) 627-6284.

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Don’t waste your money on any BS. I clean 52 outdoor dog kennels every Tuesday! I use what’s recommended by the “HUMANE SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES”. Which is : 32/1 water/bleach. Add a light touch of surfactant. Make sure you rinse very well! I’ve reduced kennel cough and other diseases by an enormous amount according to the Kennel owners. They love it and so do I. 

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