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Roof on Old Farm House

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16 hours ago, Advantage Roof Cleaning said:

Does anyone happen to know what type of roofing tiles are on this old farm house? I see it once in a while usually on older houses. Also, does it clean well?


farm house 2.jpg

farm house 1.jpg

Those are Asbestos Shingles Dave, and sometimes they clean up, and sometimes they do not clean very well. You can't mess around with them, sometimes you have to use straight chemical, and at least a 50% solution :( Even then, they often do not clean up as well as a shingle roof, so here is what you do. Do a sample for the customer, see if he will be happy with the results. I bet he will be, because it will cost him a bloody fortune to remove the asbestos shingles. Do not price this job cheap, it may take several passes of strong chemical to get it looking it's best. 

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6 minutes ago, Advantage Roof Cleaning said:

Thanks for your feedback Chris. I thing I will just pass on this job.



One thing about Asbestos is it is about as close as you can get to a forever roof. LOL, except for causing Cancer, Asbestos is great for lasting a long time. 

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