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RCIA 50 Point Standard

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664744 Roof Cleaning Institute Diploma v2 PROOF.jpgThe Roof Cleaning Institute of America
50 Point Roof Cleaning Industry Standard
Ratified, January 17th 2011

Section One, Professionalism

1.Members pledge to maintain a professional demeanor when presenting themselves as an RCIA member.

2.Members pledge to do ones best to speak in facts and truths when representing RCIA or when presenting information relating to the roof cleaning industry.

3.Members pledge to identify themselves and their vehicles clearly with company name, logo, contact information, and clearly display their RCIA member decals.

4.Members pledge to present customers with clear and complete proposals for service.

5.Members pledge to produce a complete and correct scope of work, for customer’s approval, before commencing contracted work.

6.Members pledge to not knowingly place customers in jeopardy by placing employees on at a work site without doing their due diligence to ensure that work site employee’s background will not place said customer or customer’s property in jeopardy.

7.Members pledge to adhere to their States minimum standards for licensing, insurance, and workers compensation insurance.

8.Members who maintain a web site pledge to use such site for company promotion, customer education, and commerce. The website should also display the RCIA membership e-badge / logo appropriate for their membership and or certification level.

9.Members pledge to wear uniforms for professionalism as well as for safety. Salespersons and management will be clearly identified by company branded apparel. Spray Technicians will wear duty rated uniforms for identification and chemical protection. (please see technical bulletin on uniforms for professionalism and safety)

10.Members pledge to resolve customer complaints quickly and equitably. Where possible enlist the help of a professional consumer mediation association closing the complaint to the best of the member’s ability.

Section Two, Equipment

11.Members pledge to make sure roof cleaning equipment will meet all sub-parts of this section. Each standard will be applied to member’s equipment whether retail manufactured, custom designed, or owner installed.

12.Members pledge to insure that whether using chemicals and or water for cleaning roofs, that the outgoing pressure of the application pump (at the pump head) does not exceed 800 PSI.

13.Members pledge to insure that whether using chemicals and or water for cleaning roofs that the outgoing pressure of the application apparatus (at the spray tip) does not exceed 100 PSI.

14.Members pledge to when applying the roof cleaning chemical solution and or water under pressure, directly on an asphalt shingle surface, member will use a fan spray tip (15-60 degrees) at a safe distance. It is to be no closer than 18” from the surface of the roof.

15.Members pledge to insure that roof cleaning that utilizes a zero degree stream tip is for chemical application only. Applications utilizing a zero degree stream tip are for long distance applications of chemical in excess of ten (10’) feet.

16.Members pledge to that they will not in any situation use mechanical agitation for removal of stains from roofing materials. Mechanical agitation can be but is not limited to, high pressure washing over 300 psi, use of flat surface cleaners, brushing, scrubbing, or scraping.

17.Members pledge to have written standards for cleaning processes using various pressures and chemical ratios for cleaning different roof surfaces. Training specific to member’s equipment should be made available to authorized users.

18.Members pledge to insure that spraying equipment, holding tanks are maintained and not leaking, or emitting harmful chemicals and or VOC's.

19.Members pledge to insure that equipment; either mounted to trailers and or directly to motorized vehicles; will be secured in accordance with US DOT standards. Mounts should be inspected and rated bi-annually. (inspection forms will be available to RCIA members through download at the RCIA website)

20. Members pledge to insure that spraying equipment tanks conform to US DOT standards and remain within carrying capacities. Furthermore, tanks holding chemicals should not be broken down or weakened by the chemicals stored within.

Section Three, Chemicals

21.Members pledge to follow the RCIA’s Technical Bulletin for cleaning roofs including accepted chemicals. (Removed ARMA Tech Bulletin. We need to be the authority now and can easily write this bulletin.)

22Members are advised to use chemicals that have been tested and approved for cleaning roofs by either the RCIA, and or the Roofing Manufacturer. 

23.Members pledge to become educated on the safety and usage of roof cleaning chemicals, their storage, and the impact they may have on the environment.

24.Members pledge to mix their roof cleaning chemical solution strictly according to the chemical manufacturers label and receive training on mixing chemicals available to them.

25.Members pledge to use appropriate surfactants included with the sodium hypochlorite solution. Members using only sodium hypochlorite and water for roof cleaning would not be considered acceptable.

26.Members pledge to ensure that the final cleaning solution shall not exceed a PH of 12 for cleaning roofs. Exceeding a PH of 12 will result in a solution that is too corrosive, and detrimental to many roofing types; possibly voiding the roofing manufacturer’s warranty.

27.Members pledge to ensure that chemicals are carried in accordance with manufacturer’s label (and take the steps necessary) to keep incompatible chemicals from interacting with each other. Members are strongly advised to receive training to achieve a zero accident record.

28. Members pledge to use chemicals like Tri-sodium phosphate in any roof cleaning solution as applicable by local law. Chemicals like TSP are unregulated in many areas but strictly regulated in others. Members are advised to educate themselves as to the use and transportation of chemicals within their commerce area.

29.Members pledge to use chemicals that are environmentally responsible and or biodegradable. Where this is not possible, members are advised to utilize proper disposal and or collection methods to insure that good stewardship of the environment is observed.

30.Members pledge to keep Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for each chemical carried and in use on their truck. Membersare strongly advised to receive training on chemical disposal as well as spill clean-up and removal. Trucks are advised to carry a spill contingency plan, local emergency numbers, as well as contact info for Chemtreck. (This is required by law in all 50 states)

Section Four, Safety

31.Members pledge to participate in yearly educational opportunities that are abundant within the cleaning community. A list of some of those opportunities will be kept on the RCIA Members website to aide members with education elements.

32.Members pledge to be proficient in the proper placement of ladders regarding correct angle of slant. Member should be able to explain in detail the proper way to tie off a ladder to ensure no movement will occur. (See ANSI Standards)

33.Members pledge to be proficient in fall safety, the safe use of body harnesses, the inspection of fall positioning and or arrest equipment, and the required times of use of fall positioning and or arrest equipment. Members should also be educated in the proper use of anchoring systems associated with the use of these systems.

34.Members pledge to be proficient in the safe manner of accessing, ascending, and walking a roof. Members should receive training for proper roof traversing techniques. 

35.Members pledge to be proficient in the use and operation of high lift equipment if and when it may be used during the course of business. Members are strongly advised to be trained and approved by the company safety officer and or equipment rental company before using high lifts.

36.Members pledge to use respirators and or nuisance gas masks. Members are advised to be trained in the proper use, care, and storage of respirators. Employers are very strongly advised to have an OSHA respirator program in place that is applicable with the type of mask in use.

37.Members pledge to use safety eye wear/face shield whenever mixing or spraying chemicals and or during operation of equipment that creates potential for eye accidents. Members are strongly advised to undergo training for the use of eye protection.

38.Whereas State or Federal DOT requires operators to have a commercial drivers license and or other endorsements, members pledge to comply with this requirement.

39.Members pledge to insure that remaining and or refuse, chemical containers are cleaned out after use and discarded, preferably recycled in accordance to their local municipalities regulations.

40.Members pledge to inspect and rate their equipment regularly to insure that the equipment standards are met; avoiding damage to customers' roofs as well as possible safety risks. (RCIA will provide for download forms for inspecting equipment free to premium members)

Section Five, Education

41.Members are strongly encouraged to attend a "First Aid and CPR" class taught by and documented at their local American Red Cross Center or some other qualified training center (such as police or EMS facilities). Once the class is successfully completed, documentation shall be provided to the RCIA certification committee.

42.Members are strongly advised to attend a "ladder safety and inspection" class. Members are likewise advised to perform regular inspections of ladders for damaged, worn, or missing hardware.

43.Members are advised to attend a “Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)” class. Members are likewise advised to keep proper documentation of assignment and use of PPE by helpers and or employees.

44.Members are strongly advised to complete a Fall Protection Training and Certification class. Members are likewise advised to keep documentation of this training for all helpers and employees.

45.Members are advised to complete a DOT safety review. This is a free service. Members are advised to keep documentation of this review.

46.Members are strongly advised to complete proper training for application of roof cleaning solutions to ensure that the roof life is extended and no damages occur. Members are advised to be trained in the recommended procedure for collection of "run-off" cleaning solution. 

47.Members are advised to receive hands on instruction by an RCIA Certified Master Instructor in the field or applicable lab environment. 

48.Members are encouraged to attend small business workshops and or utilize entrepreneurial centers in their area. Members should understand that business is ever evolving and as their business grows, it will interact with differing laws and governmental requirements they may be unaware of.

49.Members are encouraged to receive all of the above training from their employer, The RCIA and or a vocational school as long as the training programs are on file with the RCIA. (The RCIA will have free outlines available to Premium Members for download to aide in this training)

50.Members are recommended to complete a total of 12 credits (6 Hours) of annual Continuing Educational Units, (CEUs) for professional improvement yearly. Receipts, Certificates, Accreditation's, or alike can be scanned and forwarded by e-mail to the RCIA Certification Committee if desired to be used for member’s certification.

This document is the sole property of the Roof Cleaning Institute of America Inc. Copyright 2011 RCIA Inc. All Rights Reserved Under Law.

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Howdy all, sorry I've been away from the forum and not communicating, but have been down with a nasty bout of pneumonia and some other health issues over Christmas. Finally able to hold my head up off the pillow today, so thought I'd chime in.

certified rcia.jpg

I was able to vote on the rules and I voted "no", here's part of my reasoning: I did not care for the inference that a particular type system be used. There were references to tip types, and a requirement that "members meet all subparts of this section" In ten years of roof cleaning, I have never used a tip. My delivery system is via electric pump and garden style spray trigger gun.

This requirement could preclude me & my current system from being a member.

Otherwise I like the parts about professionalism, safety, and continuing education. 

My hat is off to everyone who spent their valuable time working on these standards. Thank you. 

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We have the designs nailed down to two choices.

I like the first one the best.

Chris Tucker has suggested we use the badge with the RCIA logo.

After looking at both samples, I understand what Chris Tucker was saying about branding, but I think the first one is cleaner, less complicated and cluttered looking.  

It stands out more.

I feel like the one without the logo still brands us, because it has RCIA with the same exact font style as our RCIA logo and people will recognize that it is coming from the Roof Cleaning Institute of America, since they will have to go through either the forum or the roofcleaninginstitute.org website to get to the 50 point standard badge.

We can put both the badge and the RCIA logo on the 50 point standard pdf.  They both look great and carry each other well, taking on a life of their own.

Thoughts everyone?


RCIA badge5.jpg


RCIA badge6.jpg


certified rcia.jpg

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