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new fall protection device

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I just came across a fall protection device and system that I am excited to learn more about.

I should have additional info to share some time tomorrow, but basically, the system installs into a receiver hitch, and is non-invasive to the customer roof.

Wouldn't this be an awesome alternate if all is as it seems?!

I will update more as info becomes available to me.



hitch fall protect.jpg

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I am a big fan of roof walking even though I have yet to clean any roofs... I walk roofs from all of the homes we had built...

It seems like a quicker solution to jump on the roof and how they say in the South... Get er' done !!!

I have pretty much all of my gear in my garage thanks to this forum and Lori from Pressure Washer Products...  5 stars to PWP... !!!

Going to start mounting everything up here shortly... probably going to miss the season but not to worried about it... 

I do have interests in locking down as in where I live roof pitches are 8:12 and steeper with angled properties... Falling off not a good option and point I am trying to make is not moving the ladder 9000 times...

What is the best way to stay safe on the roof without anchoring down to the roof trusses / rafters... ??? Not to sure about dropping a 3 - 4 foot pipe of any kind down a PVC plumbing vent... If your a big boy and lean into that bad boy there is going to be 2 snaps.... that PVC pipe and you hitting the ground / roof / hanging mid way between roof and ground.... think about it... your weight depends on a PVC pipe.... Not sold on that idea... NOPE... !!!

Please note where I live in Morrisville, NC is mostly asphalt shingles... 

I guess really the best way is to mount up onto the roof ???

Your thoughts Gents / Gals...


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3 hours ago, Advantage Roof Cleaning said:

The hitch option MIGHT be OK if you park directly in front of the house and are walking only on the back side. I doubt if the customer will allow you to park in the back yard to walk on the front side of the roof. Also I wonder if it is OSHA approved.

Few customers here in Tampa will allow you to park on their grass, especially if  they have sprinklers! 

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