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THE best neutralization for SH is water, and lots of it. Forget about so called "Chlorine Neutralizers". For one thing, they dont neutralize the salt in the SH, and secondly, to properly neutralize chlorine, you must first know the exact amount of chlorine you are trying to neutralize, to add an exact amount of one chemical, to cancel out the other. Too little neutralization chemical, and it don't do shit, too much of the neutralization chemical, you have just introduced another chemical into the landscaping and the environment. Dilution is the solution to pollution, nothing beats plenty of water.

In our company, the ground man is the Boss! If he says to slow down because the run off is overwhelming him,, the roof guy stops. Good communication between the roof and ground guy is essential. You cant have a hyper out of control guy up on a roof, who sprays at will, and wanders from one side of the roof to another, and we will not keep a chicken shit roof man, who wants to stay near the top of a roof, and flood a side of the roof, because he is too chicken shit to walk down the roof, to control his run off. Also, remember the faster a solution cleans, the faster it kills plants. This is why we suggest working in the weaker range of the chemical, to prevent plant and possible paint damage. It is no "SIN" to have to touch up 25% of the roof, after the first spray coat.

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Well said Chris.  So much hype and BS out there for the new, or naive business owner to sort through. As you of all people know well, sodium thiosulfate is THE chlorine neutralizer, but guess what's in it?  SALT!  It simply compounds the problem.  And then you need gypsum to neutralize the salt.  Hey - maybe we're on to something.   Some catchy names, and a huge mark up, and we've got another business going.  LOL!!

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