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Hello Fellow RCIA Members!  Save some of you hard earned money.....

Take a look at the tremendous value of 'The Original Cadillac of Air Diaphragm' pumps, the All-Flo air diaphragm pumps.  We always suggest the flange style for those whom have ever had the misfortune of cross-threading a port.  Using a flanged manifold will allow you to change out the damaged port if something happens rather than change out the entire manifold.

We offer the 1" 41 gpm PVDF/Santoprene Diaphragms pump for $1244

1" 41 gpm All-Flo Air Diaphragm Pump

1/2" 17 gpm $650

1/2" 17 gpm All-Flo Air Diaphragm Pump

3/8" 9 gpm $415

3/8" 9 gpm All-Flo Air Diaphragm Pump



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