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Roof Cleaning Virginia

Additional Services with Your Roof Rig?

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I almost always try to treat chimneys while doing a roof. I will try to add on walkways, patio areas etc which will require the same strength of mix as the roof.

I've up sold many brick walkways which the customer thought looked good enough as it was however, I knew it would look far better once I was finished.

I treated a walkway last fall which blew the customers mind when they saw the end result.

The walkway is 38 years old and looked like it was just layed when I was finished.

In a lot of cases, there are many other items which can be up sold if you simply look around!


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Great job on that brick, It cleaned up very nice!

We use our roof cleaning set-up to clean(soft wash) everything. 

We started out cleaning all exterior surfaces because it was hard to get enough roof cleaning jobs to make any money.

We are now picking up more and more roofs! We have been able to sucessfully network with several area realtors and show them what we can do with a shingle roof.

Soon we will transition, re-brand, to only roof and commercial exteriors, normally stucco and concrete around here.

We will still clean vinyl and occasionally some concrete but we are not doing it cheap :-) 

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