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I went through ALL the requests and wishes I've had for pump systems over the years and filtered them down. 

 You want a roof pump system that is:

1) Compact.

2) Reliable.

3) Flexible.

4) Has good output.

5) Is Easy to rebuild.

6) Is Reasonably priced. 

7) Is Fuel Efficient.




Introducing the Outlaw-C. A Compact, Gas Powered Air Diaphragm Roof Cleaning System. The Outlaw-C is compact. if you have been holding off getting an AODD pump system because you didn't have the room for a big compressor, the excuses end now. You can set up an entire roof cleaning system with AODD pump in a 5' pickup truck bed or a 6 foot trailer. Really.   

Uses a twin pump, 10 GPM Air Diaphragm Pump with all the advantages of an AODD Pump. 

It uses a small, Honda GX-120 Gas  Engine. 

It is highly fuel efficient. 

It weighs only 80 lbs. 

The Compressor is custom built by an AMERICAN company. 

It is affordable at $1299. 

Available for order now at The Pump Man.

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Kevin, would you mind posting some specifics, such as model #s, dimensions, manufacturers, etc for the pumps and compressors so we can do some product research? I'm very interested in what you've put together (I like the idea of the larger Outlaw system you put together earlier), but I want to know everything I possibly can about a piece of equipment before I buy it. 

Thank You!


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