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Ran across this looking around, wondering if anyone has tried one or is it just a gimmick thing. Might come in handy for some things.





What makes the Independent Power Sprayer so unique ?

- Adjustable Gun Controls Flow And Pressure Up To 90 PSI

- No Electricity or Heavy 12 Volt Car Battery

- Chemical Feed With The 25' Supply Hose or 2 Liter Bottle

- Rechargeable Batteries

- Super Quick Charger can recharge battery in one hour

- Industrial grade Viton seals for long life

- Self Priming Pump up to 25'+




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I have one worked well the couple times I used it but the wand end broke off just by screwing the tip onto it.

kind of cheap feeling like a bad harbor freight tool.


Waiting to hear if it will be replaced.


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