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Yamada NDP - 15 FVT 1/2" pump

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Long time no chat fellow roof cleaners...

I ended up moving to Florida for this past year with some pretty decent sized construction contracts, but, I have decided to move back to Raleigh, NC and start my roof cleaning business... Long story short my heart is not into dealing with the everyday construction grind / dealing with unqualified subcontractors and most importantly the people here in South Florida ( Delray Beach ) do not want to pay you anything for your services... Moving back in the next few months... Currently, I am still in Florida...

Sooooo I ended up purchasing a pump the other day to start gathering up what I need to get started...

I ended up purchasing on Ebay a Yamada NDP - 15 FVT 1/2" pump... I will be powering this pump with a Polar Air 20 CFM compressor... I believe I got a really good deal at under $ 400.00... ( for the pump )

I plan on using a 5/'8" line to supply my solutions...

What do you guys think of my pump choice and what other recommendations for my air supply lines... Also, I am thinking about mounting 2 ( 150 gallon tanks ) on a tandem axle Gatormade trailer... 7,000 lbs both axles with electric brakes... 12 footer

Hope all of you guys have been doing well both personally and in your roofing businesses... !!!


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Good to hear Chris... Thank you for your response...

Quick question... What do I do with that exhaust port... ???

Now it has a plastic cover inserted into the threads... it pulls right out...

Thanks Chris

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