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Just a quick note for those of you whom need the distance and have the muscle to handle a big hose!  Pressure Washer products has several options in larger ID application hose.  We started carrying the Flex Tech RT again and have had incredible feedback.  If you are looking to maximize your 1" AODD pump and are prepared to handle a big hose that will last 3-5 years or more, choose the our Flex Tech RT in yellow, red or blue in any length up to 300'.  We STRONGLY suggest that you get out your 3/4" ID water hose and fill it with water and play with it for a day up on the ladder and roof before you buy the big hose.  We realize that distance is very important but so is your safety.  We want every purchase to make you happy and work more efficiently.  Of course, if you buy the hose and find it too cumbersome, you can easily turn it into one of the BEST water hoses out there.

The Flex Tech RT hose is incredible hose.  It has the life of the ag hoses but the suppleness of a rubber hose.  It does not kink easily and has a soft and smooth cover.  We can crimp 316 stainless steel, brass or SCH 80 PVC ends in male pipe thread, female pipe thread or garden hose.  We even have 1" ID hose in Flex Tech RT.

10% off Hose Sale is still going on.  

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