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Roof Cleaning Virginia

Four Years in a Row!!!

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We are extremely pleased to announce that for the fourth consecutive year, American-ProTech, TheRoofCleaningCompany.com, has been awarded the Angie's List Superior Service Award.  This award is limited to the top 5% of businesses nation wide.  For the record we spend $0.00 on advertising with Angie's List.

Our addition to the greater Atlanta Market in 2015 puts us in 4 states, and the list of services offered by our professional staff continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

We got our start right here at the RCIA, and are extremely grateful for the organization lead by the Godfather of Roof Cleaning,  Chris Tucker.  It all started right here.  Lots of reading.  More reading.  Leadership roles and more reading.  Networking and even more reading.  Planning, execution, strategy and more planning.  LOTS of hard work.

As the founder of the company, I've spent the last two months in the deep south, not working, but re-energizing; Formulating our new strategies and sharpening the saw.  2016 will certainly be a banner year and we got our start right here at the RCIA.  Frankly, we won't forget it.






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Congrats I've struggled and still am with angies it's states no contractor can pay to be here but if I don't pay I'm on page 20 something so it seems to me not the best contractor but the one who pays makes front list you still have to have a decent rating to be on front but at the moment I get about 1 job a month from Angie and about 45 a month from home advisor but I pay average of 700 month on ha I wish I could do better with Angie it seems it would be more high end jobs  since customers have to pay monthly to be on there. Any tips on angies list to help?

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It works good but I think angies would be better because I've had ghetto apartments call wanting me to wash there side walk all five feet of it it's free for anyone to request a bid from ha so yo get low end and high end but since Angie they have to have a account I figure it will be high mid end to high end homes but I've worked for a year on angies list and just haven't got any where 

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