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I played around with ways to adjust your chemical strength for Softwashing or Roof Cleaning years ago. 


I think this is a better way to do this, use dual  side by side hoses and dual pumps. Do the mixing at the end you hold, not clear back at the pump.



One water pump feeds one side of hose, and one pure SH Pump feeds , no more running back to the rig, wondering if it is working, no more chemicals trapped in a bunch of hose, easier to get working too!

Then you get you something like one of these, now do you understand how it works 



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Lets see if we can post some pictures ?  This is the side by side dual hose http://www.sunhose.com/image/PVC-twin-welding-hose-sunhose.jpg

Before you go defeating yourself because of the sheer size of this hose, be aware you can get side by side 3/8 hose, ok ?   This is just a quick pic I grabbed to show you what I mean.

And here is the mix valve http://www.prahervalves.com/product.php?category=01&id=18


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I much prefer this system, to my earlier suction based prototypes. LOL, my latest system is as gentle as a shower, and works much like a shower too. In a shower, you have both hot and cold water pipes feeding a shower valve.

Mark my words my friends, people will copy this system, and try to make money off of people selling it.  And, for some people, who would rather have a finished product, that's fine. 


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