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  1. Hello Fellow Premium RCIA Members!!
    My name is Lori with Pressure Washer Products or  We are family owned company located in Florida and have been in business since 1995.  We offer 24/7 technical assistance over the phone with Rex, The Pump Guru, at (727) 424-6600 (Don't leave a message, Call back).  We take pride in specializing and offering the best softwash systems and components available on the market today.
    We offer All Flo Air Diaphragm Pumps, Delavan 12 Volt/110 on Demand Pumps, Everflo 12 Volt Pumps, Kuri Tec Chemical application hose in your choice of lengths and inner diameters with crimped on ends (no hose clamps), Spiralite Yellow Ag Chemical hose, suction hose assemblies with SH resistant slotted pipe filters and crimped on hose barb, Titan Hose Reels, Hang Tite surfactant, plumbing diagrams, and much more!
    We have zeroed in on your needs and carry the best!   We carry 316 SS hose barbs for your hose as well as a full selection of SCH 80/40 PVC hose barbs, SCH 80/40 PVC ball valves and fittings.  We recognize your unique needs worldwide and offer you our support.  We can build a complete rig for you to pick up at our location, build a softwash system for delivery or provide you with the components to assemble the system yourself at a considerable savings.
    I am familiar with SH pricing worldwide and will teach you how to find it at a better price if interested.  It is all in how you look for it and ask for it.  We are a company interested in offering you valuable products and services.
    We wish to thank all of those whom continue to support PWP through referrals and shopping.  We are re-lauching our website in a new, much more simplified version.  We are about halfway through the process as we continue to update the new site.  In the meanwhile, if you do not see what you need, call us at (800) 519-9279 or email
    Thank you for having us!  We look forward to meeting many of the new faces.

  2. PWP is excited to offer the thickest, ultra-concentrated, super soapy sodium hypochlorite stable surfactant available called SLO MO SOFTWASH SURFACTANT FOR SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE.
    Slo Mo Surfactant is so thick that you will need less than HALF as much surfactant compared to what you have been using.  PWP is offering a 5 gallon bucket for $65 plus shipping.  Like the Hang Tite buckets, we box the buckets to save you an $8 handling charge by UPS.
    Click here to purchase PWP's 5 Gallons SLO MO SOFTWASH Surfactant for SH
  3. Buy Slo Mo Surfactant Here
    Hello All!
    The feedback keeps coming in and EVERYONE LOVES Slo Mo!  
    Users report that they use 1/4 of the amount of surfactant compared to the rest of the surfactants.  Instead of using 1/2 gallon per 100 gallons of recipe, use only 16 ounces!
    Doesn't leave a residue
    Super thick and incredibly soapy thick
    Cost Effective at $65 per 5 gallon bucket
    This is not anything that we have carried in the past.  This surfactant is all new for PWP.
    Buy Slo Mo Surfactant Here
  4. SLOOOOOOOOOOOOO MOOOOOO Softwash Surfactant...... Need I say more?
    Most of you know that we're not big on ramming products down your throats or blasting you with emails.  This SH stable Softwash surfactant is revolutionizing cleaning for those whom have tried it!  
    It is CHEAPER than Gain or Dawn or any of the others that have copied our Hang Tite.  Use 1/4 the amount compared to ALL of the surfactants out there.
    Just try it!
    Warning:  Don't use too much.  This stuff is soapy and SUPER THICK!
    Buy Slooooooo Mooooooo Softwash Surfactant Here