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  1. Hello everyone
    First, let me say I'm still in both the Roof Cleaning and Web Services business, I'm just not a forum (or facebook or twitter) kind of person. When Chris no longer needed help with the new forum, It was about cleaning season here and as usual, come spring, I drop off the social radar. Keep in mind that during the warm months, after a long day of cleaning, I come home to a long night of internet work and being a single father of a 9 year old as well, I'm sure you can see how my dance card get's filled.
    I had a talk with Chris the other day and thought I'd come here and let everyone know some of the things I've been working on.
    First, I'd like to mention the the long overdue second phase of my Roof Cleaner Directory project is under way. The plan, was to populate the site with Roof Cleaners in the first phase. I had hoped for more people but I think there's enough to go forward. The second phase was to actively market the directory to client groups.This began last November and so far I've made two powerpoint presentations to Home Insurance providers. Both were received very well. In fact, I was pretty amazed with the interest in house washing. These Insurance companies are sharing the site link ( with all their adjusters. It wasn't really a hard sell, they were already on-board with the "no-pressure" and the value aspect. If anyone out there has good public speaking skills and would like to help, send me a PM.
    I'm trying to put together a HOA powerpoint since there is no possible way I can personally visit every HOA, I'm going to try and work from the top down. I actually began the foundations of this last year. The problem was the map wasn't populated enough to approach the people that provide HOA services (management, websites, etc). I've accumulated 600+ twitter followers with many in the real estate business. Hopefully, these new revelations will grow the directory even more.
    I've let the Directory run on the original design but that doesn't mean I've been ignoring it. I've been working on a snazzier look and gobs of tweaks in the backend on the cloned site on a private server. Basically, I took all the plans for roofcleaningseo and rolled them into the directory.
    I'm also going to open up some of my blog sites to some pretty nifty automation. Members will be able to auto-post to other sites right from their own website.
    Many of these new tweaks are only for Gold members and while I hate to sound like a used car salesman, the price for the Gold is going up. It's only 13.5 cents per day ($50 billed annually) now. The price increase will come when the new updated site rolls out, sometime in mid Jan to late Jan. Anyone that had a Gold account before today get's locked in at the old price for two years.
    On the tech side...
    Over the last 8 months, I've worked on some pretty interesting web related projects. I'll bullet point them and explain a little.
    * Mapping - I had a project that pulled me way outside of my comfort zone and skill-set. At the time I would have gladly paid for a coder to do the work but the costs were prohibitive. Looking back, I'm so glad I hit the books since it opened my eyes to several interesting areas I was admittedly weak on. One of those areas was in databases...the core of every website. Another was Linux. I was so frustrated with myself that I made my PC a dual boot machine so I could run Linux and learn the basics. I can do some pretty amazing things with maps and data.
    * Website Speed - Website maps are very resource intensive and to speed them up...I had to hit the books again. If you have a slow loading site it can and does affect your ranking. Speed is also usually a quality issue. Test your site at and if you can't get "A" across the board on your grade, send me a PM
    * Plugin - I'm still working on this one. I've made some plugins for myself but making an open plugin is risky since it has to withstand conflicts and WP updates. When I'm comfortable, this will become a part of the tweaks that I mentioned for the directory.
    * Smartphone App's - Yea, I know this sounds a bit on the over the top but it's not really. There's pretty much an app for everything and there have been some recent developments in technology that would allow even me to hack out a pretty neat app.
    Now...imagine for a minute, all of these things rolled together.
    You show up a a home and snap a "before" (and later an "after") roof cleaning pic with your smartphone using a roof cleaner app that saves the image and geocodes it to a database that allows you to simply log into your wordpress site and via the roof cleaner plugin, look at a map of all your past jobs, sortable by any DB query. You could even look at the map and see your trucks on the map in real time.
    Yea...I think that's pretty cool by itself but there isn't any limit to the features that could be added.
    Of course, I self fund all these projects so sometimes they move slow or come to a temporary stop. This is where you can help....
    If you need a website, SEO or help optimizing your site for speed or quality? send me a PM. You get a real nerd that you can talk to and not some guy you found on the internet that is really sitting at his computer in his underwear eating Cheetos while sending your work to China or India....and you get to help the industry at the same time.
  2. I have seen incredibly fast and powerful results from blogging on this site. This is a question (Mainly for Chris) that could be very beneficial for all.
    I'm wondering if blogging on this site regarding other services that we offer would have results like it does for roof cleaning. Many have related services such as painting, window cleaning, gutter guards etc. I was on page 1 in a week for roof cleaning in 3 separate markets. If I could do that for some of my other services, using the blog here, that would be sweet.
  3. Many of you have asked me who to get to make a website for them, and do or help with Search Engine Optimization.  I suggest you guys give Lane Houck here in the Tampa area a call.
    His team makes beautiful websites, with a basic one starting around 1250.00 with 50% down, and the rest on payments if needed.  Here are some examples of  Lane's work
    Here is how to contact Lane and his team 
    813-438-2428 or 888-607-1888 easy link for someone to schedule a new intro call with him
  4. Before you start reading this here are the contact links and info you need if you want your website built GREAT and optimized for SEO and GOOGLE SEARCH! Get found! Call Debbie!!! She did our website and WOW she did good!
    Debbie Ward
    Silver Tablet Marketing
    Facebook Click here to go to her facebook page!
    Website ( hers not mine)
    Phone Number 636-236-4516 Tell her Don from Curb Appeal Pros sent you!
    Hey guys so we just re mastered our new website First off its a word press site. We made one from using website builder. For starters the website builder from godaddy is really user friendly and fast however it sucks for several reason. The website builder is no a word press site what does that mean? It means you cant integrate blogs this may not seem like a huge issue however having recent and updated blogs on your website help your SEO ranking. The 2nd major issue with website builder is that its limited to how custom you can get it. There are a ton of other reason but these are the 2 main things I did not like about it. Something else to keep in mind with SEO it that its always changing and google wants the most quality content out there not " black hat SEO tricks" to show up because then they are not adding any value to their customers. SEO is very confusing and you really need to hire someone to do it for you. I thought I knew all that I needed from 1 audio book and maybe 20 hours of research, man was I wrong. After meeting with Debbie I found out that we were  doing some of the biggest Google and SEO mistakes. One of the mistakes I made ( which I thought was great and so cleaver later I found out it was a big mistake.) On my main page I typed in like 50 keywords and then I highlighted the text and made it the same color as my website background so it did not look stupid on my website" Most of you are thinking man what a great idea I never thought of that or that's a great way to fit a lot of keywords on your website without looking tacky. Anyways that's a big mistake and google will punish your website for doing that because 1 for  key word stuffing and 2 your being misleading. My point is just because it makes sense to you does not mean google will agree. 
    So my new website it amazing and I thought my old site I made was great but I was wrong. Check out our site and see what you think. She made our site really fast and the best thing is I did not do anything. I told Debbie I wanted a modern slick looking website that had good information on it. A few reasons to hire a pro and Debbie. For starters she looks out for small business so its a lot more affordable than hiring the companies that call you 100 times a day telling you how they are going to get you on the 1st page of google. 2nd shes really fast and can get results on your webpage, she will keep you in the loop for the whole process allowing you to put in your input. I mean she even took our website photos if that's not customer service I don't know what is. She also made our website SEO friendly and now we are getting found a lot more on google due to how she build in SEO to our website. ( a lot of companies will just get you a lot of back links which does not help you in the long run and google is getting away from that slowly) So if you need a website and you want to get found on google and by customers then call Debbie. She already knows our industry and has done her research on what us roof and exterior cleaners need.
    Cost VS Reward
    The cost depends on what you want. Some sites are going to be more than others, but how crazy do you want to get? When you need a service done or you want to buy something where do you go? Most of us go to google or good ole craigslist to find or buy a local item or service. Now if your not being found on google how much money are you losing? Without breaking the bank you can get a new website be found on google and start generating income long term. I know upfront cost are scary when you don't get results next day but I just got a call from someone finding us on google and its a $1900.00 concrete cleaning job and I would have never of got it without being found on google. My point is you need to stand out from Joe Blow with a pressure washer,pump sprayer and a pick up truck. Spend the money, look professional,and offer a quality service and you will make money! So What are you waiting for?
  5. Here is the new and improved roof and exterior cleaning website! Check it out and give a +1 or a FB like!   Kendall Roof & Exterior Cleaning
  6. I was wondering how to get "incoming links" ?
    I have a website and paid GoDaddy to optimize it, but it's still not showing on a Google Search?
    Maybe I need incoming links-whatever they are? Anyone know how I should start?
    Found this info:
    Google looks at your content. If the content is good, then your on your
    way of being #1. Google also look at your incoming links. That means
    which web sites are linking to you. This determines your PageRank which
    is another factor of the results.
    Sites I would like to optimize with incoming links are-
    FLORIDA ROOF WASHING BY CHUCK BERGMAN Chuck Bergman Soft Wash Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing has been serving Charlotte and Sarasota Counties in Florida since 1991 { Prior to that as ... You've visited this page many times. Last visit: 3/14/13   BERGMAN CHUCK SOFT WASH ROOF CLEANING & PRESSURE ... Jan 30, 2011 – Bergman's Non Pressure "SOFT WASH" Roof Cleaning, Florida This is Chuck Bergman's Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing Information ... You've visited this page 2 times. Last visit: 3/11/13   Bergman Chuck Gentle Roof Cleaning. Also Pressure Washing. 33981 Chuck Bergman Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning has been serving Charlotte and Sarasota counties since 1991. We clean roofs just as the roofing ...
    7 Google reviews - Write a review Doug Rucker rated it excellent.    5282 Johnson Terrace  Port Charlotte, FL 33981
    (941) 698-1959   Chuck Bergman Asphalt Shingle Roof Clean 34224 33981 | LinkedIn Port Charlotte, Florida - Gentle Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Englewood, Venice, Port Charlotte, Rotonda, Florida View Chuck Bergman Asphalt Shingle Roof Clean 34224 33981's professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping ... You've visited this page 2 times. Last visit: 3/11/13   Bergman Power Washing and Manufacturer Method Roof Cleaning ... We clean roofs using only manufacturer suggested chemicals and methods. We do pressure washing too, just not on roofing, so your warranty will remain. You've visited this page 2 times. Last visit: 9/26/12   Chuck Bergman Pressure Washing & Soft-Wash Roof Cleaning - Yelp › Home Services › Roofing Specialties: Roof Cleaning without the use of a damaging high pressure washing machine. The roofing manufacturers specify exactly what cleaning chemicals ...  
  7. I hope all of you have a Facebook BUSINESS Page, for your roof cleaning company ?
    Here is ours  and it does very well in a google search for roof cleaning here in the tampa area. 
    Just as with any other webpage, fresh content is king, so every time you do a roof cleaning job, take pictures of it, and post it to your Facebook Business Page.