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  1. Roof Cleaning chemicals explained
    January 14, 2013 By Kleen llc There are many roof cleaning companies claiming to use biodegradable, or Eco-friendly, All Natural, Non-toxic, and of course, “Organic products.  What does all this mean, and is it any better than the solutions used by the best RCIA certified roof cleaners ? The thing about the RCIA roof cleaners is that it is widely known what Is used. It is not hidden behind words like, non-toxic, Eco-friendly, or the big on, environmentally safe. Companies claiming all this do not let it be known what they are using.
    Let’s discuss what some of these terms mean.
    Biodegradable. Sounds great doesn’t it?  The claim is often associated with environmentally friendly products. What exactly does this mean? I would define it as being able to be broken down by natural processes into more basic components. By this definition, most chemicals are biodegradable, the only difference would be the amount of time it takes to break down. Even nuclear waste is biodegradable. This claim about cleaners really does not mean much.
    Won’t Harm the Environment. What does this even mean ? Lead is said to harm the environment by some, but it is naturally occurring in our world. By some standards of this statement  it could be said about lead.  Then we need to know if the company making this statement is talking about the cleaners they are using won’t harm the environment, or is it the bottle it came in, or the way it was manufactured. There are many chemicals that will not harm our environment but that does not mean they are good for you. Poison Ivy will not harm the environment, but it will harm you. What about the venom in a rattlesnake?  This claim is a good thing to strive for, but do the companies claiming it have the information to back it up ?
    All Natural. This is the best.  This is not a legal or regulated term so it can be used for anything. Most times it is used to describe a cleaner that is manufactured from plants. But, if it is manufactured, is it natural, and is it good for us?  Cocaine is from a plant. Did you know five of the seven most deadly known compounds occur in nature. “All Naturalâ€. This statement does not describe, or tell us anything about the product.
    What does all this mean?  Terms like these really have no merit. The important thing to consider is; does the company you are talking with disclose what they use, or do they cover it up by saying some of the terms above?  It is widely known what RCIA certified roof cleaners use to clean with. You can find it on the internet, and we will always tell our customers what we use. With some of the best roof cleaners in the country, the RCIA is always researching the best way, and the best chemicals to do the job.
  2. Besides sodium hypochlorite, there are some other roof cleaning chemicals I have wanted to play with more. I have employees on commission who work for me and clean roofs. They resent it when I take their trucks to experiment! 
    But 2 possible roof cleaning chemicals are Calcium Hypochlorite and Lithium Hypochlorite.
    Calcium Hypochlorite has been tried, and it has the problem of leaving a scale behind that is hard to remove.
    It is also not very water soluble. But Lithium Hypochlorite is very water soluble, and will not leave a residue I was told. 
    I have always planned to play with it, just never did. SH is cheap here in Tampa, and we are a busy roof cleaning company. 
    Hydrogen Peroxide is another chemical that I once thought would clean roofs. However, Hydrogen Peroxide strong enough to clean with is also a BOMB, and can blow up.
    It also smells terrible! 
    Anyone interested in this subject of alternative roof cleaning chemicals ?
  3. What do you guys think of the new design? We designed this with simplicity in mind. There is no need to adjust anything; just slip it into any 6 foot truck box and away you go. It is also the most light-weight skid in the industry. We all know that the chemicals weigh enough by themselves. 

    The best feature about this skid is the fact that is it a 100% closed system. It has an integrated 3/4" draw hose to pull the chemical right from the drum on the ground without the need for a secondary pump or fill station. 

    Also, with the new Basket Strainer, you are able to reuse any run-off; lowering your material costs.