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  1. It's what we do.....

    Very Nice Work, Ted!
  2. Metal Roofs need cleaning attention too! This metal roof is only 3 years old and look how dirty it has become. Much like an asphalt shingle, the "dirt" tends to multiply at a rapid pace. JUst like on dirty, algae infested asphalt shingles, and accumulation of algae, grime, and moisture can rapidly increase the deterioration factor on this type roof, causing the finish to fail prematurely. Additionally, pollen, and leaves tens to stick to the dirty metal roof , making it appear even more dirty! One of the biggest differences in cleaning a metal roof from cleaning a shingle roof, is that they must be thoroughly rinsed. Also, wet, algae covered metal is extremely slick and dangerous to walk on, and this cleaning should ONLY be attempted by a trained professional! A cleaning of a roof this size will typically take between 2-4 hours. If you would like more information about cleaning your roof in Tallahassee, Florida, feel free to call Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning at 850-528-3226, or visit out website at http://www.spray-wash.com
  3. Cleaned this complex filled with FSU students here in Tallahassee FLorida. We did a "stem to stern" cleaning, including the roof ( asphalt shingles), gutters, exterior siding, and sidewalks, patios, and even the curbs in the parking lot. We softwashed the entire project, and used a pressure washer to rinse some of the concrete. Slick decks and algae covered patios and decks aren't just an eyesore, they can also be a HUGE liability issue for Landlords, Home owners associations and property owners..especially if the residents have made formal complaints. Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning can remove this biological growth and make these surface safe again!
  4. Spent some time at the Governors Square Mall in Tallahassee this weekend for a commercial cleaning of their metal awnings & roof at the public entranceways. Always challenging to work in a setting such as this, safety ( both public and ours) becomes key. These metal roofs and vinyl awnings clean up beautifully! Algae and mildew are a constant problem here in Tallahassee. Florida... And if you own a business, you want to keep it looking its BEST! Spray Wash can gently clean away the mildew, algae, and other growth and leave you place of business looking fantastic!
  5. Lichen, Lichen, Lichen.....big Ole' lichen!!!!

    Hank...it ends when either I run out of stuff to clean or I finally fall out of the lift!
  6. Not really a roof, but I know we all deal with lichen from time to time attaching to both shingles and metal roofs. Had a fuel distributor call to have their tank cleaned. It had a serious lichen infestation. We softwashed this project from the ground using a 20% mixture, then rinsed from a lift. Everyone was very happy with the results. To see more projects, visit our "Gallery of Clean" at http://www.spray-wash.com BTW, we let the sauce dwell on the tank overnight!!!! Made rinsing the lichen much easier after soaking on SH for 10 hours!
  7. Didn't get good "after" photos yet, but I love these "action" shots of the cleaning in process. This Tallahassee home is located in Ox Bottom Manor, on of our most popular neighborhoods. Homes range from 2000SQf to over 5000 SQF. Most were built in the early 2000's so most of the roofs the roof are all showing serious algae infestations. Spray Wash was able to clean this roof and provide IMMEDIATE results, gently eradicating years of algae build-up
  8. An Easy Page Rank 5 Link !

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  10. What Roof Cleaning Pump Are You Using ?

    Just bought a system with a 12 Volt pentaflex for one of my rigs, with a Dayton 120 Volt for rinsing Another one has a 12 Volt Delavan Fatboy 2, with a Dayton 120 Volt for rinsing My third right features only a Dayton 120volt electric pump. Love the daytons, they are typically good for about $30K before crapping out. However, you will need an electric supply at customer's house, Or carry your own 3000 Watt Generator.
  11. Its one of their 50 or so branches...they stretch from west of Tallahassee almost to Tampa area. Yes, I bought a SWS cradle skid, its my third rig. I wanted something that would fit in a truck so I didn't have to pull a trailer around. First thing I did was to put one of my 120 Volt electric pumps on it for rinsing. I've very happy with the rig, and love using a 12 volt system for application. HUGE CHEMICAL savings...blend that with my way of rinsing and I've got a great rig for small to medium jobs. I also bolted a PW to the cross member to have available for concrete cleaning.
  12. A roof repair on this bank resulted in unsightly, unmatched shingles ( notice edge on right hand side of photo). Spray Wash was called in to clean the roof of this Capital City Bank branch location and restore their shingles to their original color which now better matches the repair. If you have unmatched shingles at your home, or place of business, call Spray Wash for a free estimate on cleaning your roof. We can remove those unsightly algae stains and return your shingles to their original brilliance! Find us on line at http://www.spray-wash.com
  13. Killearn Estates Home

    Roof cleaning of a Killearn Estates home in Tallahassee, Florida