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  1. First Year Sales

    Its all going to depend on where your location is.
  2. Cleaning Roofs With A Chicken Ladder

  3. Refrigerator Magnets For Your Roof Cleaning Company!

    chris, we do magnets with our holiday cards every year.. but we also include the coming years holidays on the magnet.. it gives people another reason to keep it and not trash it.. might be something you wanna think about.
  4. Cleaning Roofs With A Chicken Ladder

    I hate going on roofs anymore lol.. Thank god for employees..
  5. Get A Free Link For Your Google+ Business Page!

  6. Delavan Fat Boy Vs All Flow Roof Cleaning Pump

    how much difference does the 1 inchers make? Id have to upgrade air compressors, but its worth it if you can clean faster...
  7. Delavan Fat Boy Vs All Flow Roof Cleaning Pump

    ill take my all flow any day of the week...
  8. great job!!! i have customers ask me about those strips all the time.. I let them know, it is NOT WORTH THE MONEY.... this picture proves!
  9. "New" Apple Sauce Roof Cleaning Mix

    ive been using gain this entire year.. save tons on shipping, and it smells good. my new fav!
  10. non invasive fall protection?

    haha nice.. he's missing the tattoos lol I know the tree tie off would work good. What kind of rope are you guys using? I want something I can use and get all of my employees to use on a regular basis.
  11. non invasive fall protection?

    yeah i saw the vent pipe anchor that AC makes... honestly, I just looks like something I can weld in my back yard... it seems like just tossing rope over the house and tieing off is the most non invasive way other then the vent pipe... but i dont see the vent pipe taking someones weight in a fall.. i guess both would be good?
  12. non invasive fall protection?

    does anyone know of any fall protection anchors that DO NOT need to be nailed down? I am looking on getting a set up but do not want to nail into customers roofs and add a extra step to our jobs of nail and caulk when finished....