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  1. The Best Water Hose For Roof Cleaning

    I wish I could use a water hose for the ground man all the time, but for some reason here in the Jacksonville area, the water pressure is too low to do so. I usually have to use one of my PW machines for the ground man.
  2. Box truck

    Really nice job. The Wrap is great The plumbing is great. Should make you a lot of $$$
  3. Paying Your Employees

    If they are good employees but just want to better themselves, don't take it personally. In fact wish them well and tell them that if they need help you would be glad to help them. I'll bet they will tell you the same. I always try to remember where I came from and that I can't clea every roof. The good ones will stay in the business and be good colleagues and the bad ones will just wither away. IMHO
  4. ANR Cleaning Services Specially trained technicians apply our specially blended roof cleaning solution to a customers roof with our Soft Wash technique while protecting their landscaping from any possible damage. Call ANR Today 904-710-1249.
  5. Protecting Plants From Roof Cleaning Chemical

    Water and cover. Also like Kleen we instruct the homeowner to water the night before we wash and for the next 3 days after.
  6. ANR Cleaning Services LLC will make your concrete look like new. Call today 904-710-1249
  7. An Easy Page Rank 5 Link !

    Did it.... thanks for the heads up!
  8. What Roof Cleaning Pump Are You Using ?

    Delivan 5850. have 3 on my rig.
  9. Trailer Towing

    Good post.
  10. Paying Your Employees

    I like the idea of working at the shop if it's a short day. Lots of times I've got some repairs and tweaks and I always clean the rig up and re stock it for the next job before I put it away. I could use the help sometimes.
  11. Photos are great... Don't you just love light colored roofs.... but the vid says "removed by user"
  12. Vinyl Siding

    Just hooked up with a company that does House Repo Restorations for rentals and retail. This was the first one. Got another scheduled with them already. One thing about repos.... they are DIRTY.
  13. Tile Roof Cleaning Largo Florida 727-543-3276

    Professional workmanship = professional Results!
  14. Yes we cleaned the driveway. House wasn't bad but we did sell a drive cleaning while we were there.
  15. Paying Your Employees

    $10.00 per hr. Minimum $50.00 in case I have to call someone for a 2 or 3 hr job. 30% of all upsells. Monthly bonus if no re-do's or damage on any job they do.