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  1. Cedar Roof and Siding Cleaning in Elgin, Kane County Illinois

    Good work Dave. Chris is right. In the day Chris cleaned a number of them.
  2. Direct Mail Marketing - Old Knowledge

    If it is Josh Brown he is in my network. Josh Richardson is also and he is in N.C. also. Yes the gated communities can be a pain. Florida is the only place we really ran into that. LOL
  3. Direct Mail Marketing - Old Knowledge

    Over the years I have used direct mailing and they worked great for me. Back when I started cedar shakes cleaning, which many said I couldn't do my way, LOL, I would drive a location write down all the cedar roof addresses. Would go to the assessors page and get their name. Developed a tri-fold and hand addressed them, stamped and mailed. Got a lot of work that way.
  4. The Blackest Cedar Shake Roof I've Ever Seen!

    Looks good. Like a lot of shakes we saw in Maine. Tannin is what that is. Pretty easy clean though compared to lichen. Though we get a lot of it in the Midwest.
  5. Cedar Roof Cleaning

    Here are a couple roofs I just finished in the Kansas City, MO. and Kansas City, KS area.
  6. Cedar Roof Cleaning Flolrida

    The time down here has been great. Sure beats Des Moines, Iowa weather. Trying not to work much but the phone has been ringing. Sure a lot of cedar roofs in Florida. Here are a couple we just finished. Took us about 5 hours each to clean. Wish they were that easy back home. No moss or lichen here. LOL Low hanging fruit!
  7. Electric Hose Reels Wanted

    Disregard the feedback. I found what I was looking for.
  8. Looking to purchase two electric hose reels for 1/2" hose at 200' chemical hose and one for garden hose. Would like them with stands to fit inside a cargo van. These are for a new cleaning project I am working on. Any recommendations where I can purchase the complete setup ready to bolt into the van? I don't do forums much anymore but will check back daily for feedback. Thank you
  9. 32 Year Old Cedar Roof Cleaned

    Here is an example of a 32 year old cedar shakes roof we just finished cleaning. Just goes to show age isn't the only factor to consider when it comes to replacing or not a cedar shakes roof. The home owner was told by a number of roofers their only option was to replace the roof given it's age. Clearly that was not the case. We cleaned it and replaced a few missing shakes from normal wear. Yes age is a factor but also consider installation, grade of shakes, surrounding tree cover, has it been cleaned before to name a few. The after pictures don't reflect the true result from our cleaning because of the angle of the sun at the time but do reflect this roof didn't need replacing, just a good cleaning. Don't let the age of your cedar shakes roof be the only determining factor in whether to replace or not! We will return in 6 to 8 years and clean this roof again.
  10. Free SEO Help For Roof Cleaners !

    Good advise. Many don't take advantage of the down time to help build their branding. This is also a good time to do your blogging for fresh content which the search engines love.
  11. Cedar Roof Cleaning In Central Florida

    Chris. I know what you mean. Most up here call them cedar shakes but wood shakes and wood roof I have heard. Good point. I agree no one likes to hear their roof is shot. Been there done that. Dwayne, I'll contact after the first of the year still doing some family holiday things.
  12. Cedar Roof Cleaning In Central Florida

    We had the opportunity on our vacation last week in central Florida to do some cedar roof cleaning research. We spent about 6 hours our first day there doing just that as we had an old lead to follow up on. Yesterday we finished our mailing list because some were in a gated community we couldn't get into but we have away to get those addresses which we did. We ended up with a mailing list of 421 cedar roofs that are in need of cleaning. Already have two jobs booked in the Orlando area. We are heading down there in February and will stay a few months. Talk about low hanging fruit. LOL Had a potential customer contact us from our web site there and was quoted $6,000.00 to clean their cedar roof by a local cleaner. We stopped by their home and quoted them $2,450.00. They asked " when can you clean it." LOL Granted Florida isn't known for it's cedar roofs but goes to show they are everywhere, just need to look for them. As I said we had one cold lead from last summer looking for a cedar roof cleaner. That one lead address turned into 421 addresses. As I said I closed that lead already. Also closed another one while there just talking to a home owner while driving by their home when they were working in the yard. We have just searched a very small area. Who knows may just move my operation down there cleaning cedar only? Don't like the hot summer weather though. LOL I am very surprised someone hasn't jump on this opportunity. Cedar cleaning sells itself. As you know it is the "only" roofing material that has to be maintained, it is wood organic. Most home owners that have a cedar roof still are those that want to keep it, that is what we have found. For those in Central Florida that want to extend their cedar roof lifespan by having it cleaned just contact us. Visit: www.cedarroofclean.com for all details i.e. videos, pictures and customer reviews. Just email us.
  13. Asphalt Shingle Roof Cleaning Jacksonville, Florida 904-304-0810

    Nice looking job. I also liked the light colored shingles when I use to clean asphalt. Only do them for realtors now, who helped me get started. I am going to drive to Jacksonville on our trip to Florida next week. We have to do a presentation to HOA near Orlando for cedar roof cleaning. Looking to winter in Florida and cleaning cedar part time while there. A lot of cedar roofs in Florida and an open niche market. Sure beats the 10 degrees here today in Iowa. LOL Great work!
  14. Cedar

  15. Cedar Roof Cleaning Clive, Iowa

    Clive it a bedroom community of Des Moines. There are 7 different comminutes like that. It is somewhat of a gated community called the Woodlands. A lot of high end homes. I have been working that area for the last 4 years and done a number of cedar roofs, 95% cedar roofs.