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  1. Class Action Lawsuit - Home Advisor

    Home Advisor helped us double our business in just two years. I like the fact that I don't have to respond to a lead if I don't want to. I know I pay for them, but that is a small cost compared to other lead generation schemes. I quickly learned how to capitalize on the leads and I close 90+% of the leads I choose to act on. Compared to other lead generation programs, HA has provided us with top quality leads and clients over the years I have used them. Roy dos Santos Elite Property Maintenance Chattanooga,
  2. Cleaning Gutters ?

    We will blow out the gutters if possible, but when it is not possible, we use ladders and gutter spoons (from jracenstein). We charge $100 minimum and include up to 100 linear feet. Additional gutters are added at .75 per foot. Roy dos Santos Elite Property Maintenance Chattanooga, TN
  3. A great site to measure area is www.findlotsize.com. It is a free site for area and distance measurements. Only trouble is that overhead pics are taken in the summer so trees sometimes overshadow the view.