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  1. RCIA Facebook Group

    Request sent
  2. Joe Walters Insurance

    Anyone know how much it runs? I am a one person show right now
  3. Joe Walters Insurance

    Hey he he still in business ?? I know it's a old thread
  4. our new build

    Nice that thing is going to be a beast....
  5. Moss On old shingles

    No after pictures??
  6. Cedar shake cleaning in Clifton Va

    Any special chemicals used? Or just reg roof mix
  7. New roof pump variant!!

    You still using the 12v 5850 ?? Or did you find another pump u like?? I just got the fat boy from bob, maybe I will buy the 5850 for a back up
  8. Get A Free Link For Your Google+ Business Page!

    Just join thanks...
  9. This pair of cougar paws

    Yeah just found one close by might go check them out next weeks thanks...
  10. This pair of cougar paws

    Anybody have a good website to order from?
  11. Moss On old shingles

    From what I have read you have to hit it with a strong roof mix and let it dewell ... and when the moss dies the rain should wash all the moss out ,, don’t quote me on it I am a newbie too.. and when I mean dewell I mean for a couple days , make sure no rain in the forecast ..
  12. (video) how to stop your hose kinking on Titan hose reels

    Do you have a part number for those street 45’s ??? Are you using stainless steel 45?
  13. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    Thanks my plan is to become a premium member..how will that work? I know it go’s yearly fee , but is that from when you pay or every January ?
  14. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    Hello guys my name is Justin , live in Newport News , Virginia owner and operator of coastline power wash.. been washing house for a year now . I have miss a couple bids because I could not wash the roof on some of the houses so that’s why I am here.. building my trailer this winter so I can start strong next spring.. if any one knows of some must read treads please let me know which ones i should defiantly read, also I don’t mine paying for this membeship and hopefully become ceritified