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  1. QSE from Cleaner Today

    I appreciate your response, yea I normally don't get to upset about stuff. Just trying to get it right, I'm building my own and good to know that the SH and soap is the way to go. Thanks
  2. QSE from Cleaner Today

    Funny, people talk about taking the high road, but make accusation based on someone asking a question. I just joined this group to get info from professionals. I bought my stuff at PWP and trying to look at all options, just before paying my membership I ask a question and this is the response I get, Not professional and I'll get my info else where, I'm a regular guy that works a full time job and work on the side to put my son through college, I am on the high road but you are not.
  3. QSE from Cleaner Today

    Not a vendor, just getting started and they are so many different people saying so many different things. I was sold on Sh and slow mo then ran up on the ad for this stuff thought this was the place to ask. maybe not.
  4. QSE from Cleaner Today

    Anyone used QSE roof cleaning chemical from Cleaner Today? Just wonder if any contractors use this instead of bleach and how well it works. Thanks