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  1. coastal1 added a post in a topic Improving The Fat Boy Roof Cleaning Pump !   

    Hey Al, you're correct with the larger tank making the pump run longer and that's what allows a longer "draw down" time before cycling the pump back on.
  2. coastal1 added a post in a topic USE 30 SPF LIP PROTECTION. I HAVE LIP CANCER!   

    Are the doctors sure it was sun exposure or is it possible that the chapstick is the culprit. It seems as though each year we see a commercial or news print of different things causing cancer down the road.
  3. coastal1 added a post in a topic Slo Mo Softwash Surfactant is the BEST!   

    Hey guys, thanks for the interest! Yes, my lines are exact duplicates of one another and with the exact same bends. Yes, I'm trying three inputs so the system can be used for spraying roofs along with siding.
    I know I can simply combine the surfactant along with the sh however, I want a design for when I don't need a surfactant.
    I'm almost certain my problem is trying to incorporate an emergency remote solenoid control valve in the system. When I first start the system, everything is fine however when I test the shut off solenoid I think too much back pressure is being applied to the surfactant port which is causing a restricted flow upon re-energizing the solenoid valve.
  4. coastal1 added a post in a topic Slo Mo Softwash Surfactant is the BEST!   

    Excellent. I'm developing a new proportioning system and having a few hold backs with the pull on the third line. Not needing as much surfactant may very well be the cure.
  5. coastal1 added a post in a topic Well fed water supply taking a toll on your equipment?   

    Excellent point Peakofperfection. Most folks may not give this any thought. A lot of homes I work on are well fed so I'm use to this problem. One of the first things I do is run a GPM test so I can determine what the "safe" GPM draw will be on a given well system. The second point is the "shared" well situation. I don't see this very often however, when I work in an area where they don't have a lot of money, I look for "well" heads sticking out of the ground. If the homes are really close to one another and I don't see a well head at the home next door, I ask the potential customer. One job I did about 16 years ago had a shared well and in an effort to increase pressure, they had run 1/2" plumbing to each of the homes.
    Needless to say, I couldn't get enough water from the home I was working on and had to run a second line from the home next door to get enough flow.
  6. coastal1 added a post in a topic Custom Bleach Proof Shirts   

    i know I'm new to this family and hope folks don't jump on me too bad however, JMO, The front looks fantastic but the back seems a little busy.
  7. coastal1 added a post in a topic Well fed water supply taking a toll on your equipment?   

    Thanks Chris!!!
  8. coastal1 added a topic in General Discussion   

    Well fed water supply taking a toll on your equipment?
    Ever noticed sand in your buffer tank and wondered how it got there?
    Ever wondered even with rinsing your equipment thoroughly why doesn't it last longer?
    Does the region you work in have a lot of "well" fed homes built on sand?
    Ever wondered about the quality of the water supply you're feeding your pump?
    It's probably safe to say, A lot of us who've been in the business for a good while already know this however, for those who don't, you may want to give this some thought!
    Using a buffer tank as an example, if you find sand in the bottom of the tank, keep in mind, what you see in the tank is what fell out of suspension. How much stayed in suspension and was pumped through your system?
    Keep in mind,  "fine" sand will pass through a 50 and 80 micron filter/strainer.
    Point is, if you work in an area which has primarily "well" fed homes built on sand, you might want to consider installing a good filtration system before your manifold or pump system.
    I run a large capacity whirlpool filter on my system and you would be surprised to see what it traps.
    One other point for any newbies out there, "Never" use a customers garden hose. Along with not being professional, you don't know what may be inside that hose!!!
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  9. coastal1 added a post in a topic Improving The Fat Boy Roof Cleaning Pump !   

    Hey Atlas, The polypropylene should be fine. A lot of the fittings used in this line of work utilize poly.
    Fiberglass reinforced poly is widely used.
  10. coastal1 added a post in a topic Roof Cleaning Clothing   

    I've been wearing 65/35 poly/cotton uniform clothes since the late eighties and they hold up excellent. The newer Dickies pants with the right leg pocket are nice.
    A couple years back, I spilled straight 12% on the left leg of a brand new pair of the Dickies and figured they would be toast however, when I washed a load, I couldn't tell which pants had the sh spilled on.
    All the best,
  11. coastal1 added a post in a topic Herculiner bed coating   

    I have a 2002 V nose Carmate which I installed a Rubber Queen diamond pattern cargo mat on the floor and it has held up very nice. 
  12. coastal1 added a post in a topic New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here   

    Hi everyone. I've been in the pressure washing business since the late 80's. I had done small roof cleaning jobs while working on existing house wash jobs and decided in the summer of 2015 to add roof cleaning.
    I look forward to being a part of this family!!!
    Coastal Cleaning