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    Hi everyone im Eric with freedom construction. I am new to the roof cleaning game. I worked for a roofing company for a few years and recently decided to start my own business. I dont know how many times i had previouslt told a customer the only way to get rid of the roof stains was to replace the roof. I stumbled upon the roof cleaning process a few months ago and have decided to take the plunge. I have done a little research and as far as i can tell no one else in my area even offers or advertises the service. I am in between tyler tx and dallas tx and am planning on hitting the entire area. Im wanting the soft washing to be my main service i offer and try and get away from the majority of other services i currently offer. The roof cleaning seems to me to be a better and faster process to completion and payment where as roof replacment and general construction is usally a few weeks to months on completion to payment. I am new to the whole process but i have a general understanding on how it all works. The main thing i am needing help with is advertising my service ans where most of you guys are getting your leads door to door, mailers, billboards, etc.  My biggest thing is to be the first in my area to offer the service and advertise well and not waste money on the things you alll know dont work.