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  1. This pair of cougar paws

    How well do they hold up to SH? I've been using Shoes For Crews boots and I like them, but they don't grip very well on older asphalt shingles.
  2. Bump Best reasonable offer takes it.
  3. Moderator: I'm not sure if this is the right spot to list this. Please feel free to relocate this thread if necessary. For sale is a Honda GX390 with an Udor 5.5 GPM (gear drive) pump, set up for tank bypass (Zeromatic unloader).I purchased it as a 4 GPM direct drive in 2014 and installed the 5.5 GPM gear drive in 2015.The engine has 125 hours on it, and the pump has less than 75.This pump has been stored in a heated garage since I upgraded to 8 GPM last year. I used it last November for approximately 2 hours, but it hasn't seen any use since then. Asking $1200.00 or best offer.Local pick-up only. (Asheville, NC)Please PM me for more info.
  4. How to run a 12 volt roof cleaning pump w/o a battery!

    For anyone who's considering trying this setup, I just got an email from the manufacturer of these power supplies that all you need is a 6 amp, 120 volt power source. So a very small generator would be more than sufficient for this! Also, he said to be sure you put a screen over your vent holes (if you use a box to waterproof it) as bugs can and will short it out. He said that heat build-up in a box would not be a problem as long as there are vent holes in the bottom.
  5. How to run a 12 volt roof cleaning pump w/o a battery!

    VERY interesting. I'm assuming that, if you run this with a generator, the generator would have to be capable of producing 30 amps. Is that correct? Also, is it possible to use this to charge your battery and power your pump at the same time? (In case you have to use your battery as a back up)