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  1. Trailer VS Flatbed VS Box Truck ?

    Cool, it is hard to decide what to get, I started drawing out some plans last night for another build in the back of a truck. With all the proportioner options out there 100 gal of SH will go a long way. For 90% of what I do a pickup will work fine, it is the other 10% that is hard to figure. Joe
  2. Trailer VS Flatbed VS Box Truck ?

    I ran a pick up when I started, then an enclosed trailer and now an open trailer. This winter I want to find a flatbed to complete the cycle. I like the pickup but ran out of space quick. The enclosed trailer always had a leak or exhaust problem and everything was hard to get too. The trailer is nice but I hate pulling the trailer all the time. And I end up using my truck for work and personal. I think I would rather have a truck just for work. I rally like the flatbed and am thinking about a F350 or the like, but am undecided about which size bed, I am thinking 10'. I would love to hear some opinions. I would like to ultimately have room for 2 pressure washers and air roof pump, a couple DI tanks about 200 gal of water and 100 gal of SH, 4 hose reels. I think all that will be tight on a 10 bed. Joe
  3. Wiring Relay

    This is what I was trying to find. Incase it helps someone else. Joe
  4. Help with my 12 volt pump

    I never got around to asking you which air pump do you use?
  5. Wiring Relay

    HAHA Found it Nevermind Thanks anyway Sorry for the triple post. Complete accident Joe
  6. Wiring Relay

    Does anyone happen to have a wiring diagram of the 7870 relay, Or the Pump in a box wiring layout? I found a couple old thread that it was talked about in, but they are in the old form and I can see the pictures. I was changing around the switch on my pump and I got something goofed up. Thanks for the help. Joe
  7. Wiring Relay

    Sorry Triple Post
  8. Wiring Relay

    Sorry Double Post
  9. Hey guys, I have been lurking around for a while trying to pick up as much as possible. I still have not decided for sure if I am going to add roof cleaning to my services. I am a one man show so I may go after some small ranch jobs until I feel more comfortable. I am going to do a free job next week for a friend to get my feet wet. I went ahead and bought a pump set up from Pressure Tek. I mostly am a pressure washing company so I can use the pump for deck work, cedar buildings, stucco and things like that. I hooked everything up, but as it sets now the pump cycles for 5 seconds every 20 seconds or so. Is this normal? I would have thought once the pressure is built up it would hold for a while at least. With the constant cycle it would seem I have a leak, but I ran 30 gallons of water through the system and don't see any leaks. Does anyone have a suggestion? I have a short video that shows what is happening. Hopefully I can get it to load. Thanks for the help. Joe